Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sea Monkeys

I have always liked to read. I can remember laying on my bed in my room and reading every single night before going to sleep. The heat from the woodstove in the kitchen below my bedroom would be rushing up the stairwell.... causing my bedroom to be very warm and cozy. I would lay there and read... drift off to sleep and usually dream I lived in some far away place.

One of my favorite books to read as a child was The Witch of Blackbird Pond and I also adored Island of the Blue Dolphins. Both of these books took me to places far and away.... to experience a life I would never lead. The first one is the story of a lively, free spirited, young girl from Barbados who ends up living with her distant family in the drab, puritan, witch burning New England. The second story is of an Indian girl who is left behind on an island for many years until her rescue.

I also would read some comic books... mostly Archie and Richie Rich. I don't remember much about the comics themselves but I do remember the ads. OH those ads and the things I would think about!

Can you even fatham having your very own nuclear submarine? 10 day free trial! Big enough to hold two kids! Shoots real rockets! I just knew my brother and I could take on anything in this sub. Seriously.

Owning a ranch in Texas was another favorite of mine. Here I could have my own farm and garden... that I wouldn't even have to weed if I didn't feel like it. I guess I should have read the whole ad.

100 Toys soldiers! Packed in a foot locker! I had a foot locker that I used when I went to Girl Scout camp. That's what I imagined these 100 soldiers would be in. And look... their guns shot and blew up ships and everything! What fun I had imaging the battles I would win with these amazing toy soldiers.
And finally, not to be EVER forgotten was the Sea Monkeys. Look at this happy family! I just knew this family never fought, slammed doors, screamed obscenities at each other or got divorced. They were perfect and I could TRAIN them! The mother monkey looked so happy and the dad discreetly covers his privates with his tail. Plus, in the little picture, the sea monkeys were so captivating in their bowl, the entire human family is compelled to gather around and hug and smile while they watch them. Cue the Kum-bi-ya.


Brandon & Shiela Lee said...

I just love your blog, Sheri!

And for the record, I did order Sea-Monkeys from a comic and mine lived until I ran out of their little package of food that came with them...then I fed them salt...ooops! (It looked like their food - lol)

Chris said...

I had Sea Monkeys, too. Jeez... those things stunk. I took care of them forever (a month?) and finally, it was the toilet bowl highway.

That was the first time I realized that there is no truth in advertising in comic books.

Anonymous said...


lime said...

i was kind of drawn to the x-ray specs myself. ;)