Saturday, July 26, 2008

Rock the Hula

Today at camp is Carnival Day. In a nutshell, that means I ate fried food and lots of it. Fried dough, french fried,a meatball sub and a fried oreo. Than an hour later, an ice cream social was planned which of course I had to force myself to eat. Wow..... am I stuffed.

This is Donna. She's a wonderful, fun lady that I met this summer through Rodney and Regina. Donna is the other half of Mark and Donna... her husband, Mark, is so much fun too. Hannah adores Donna. Donna takes bike rides with Hannah and goes for walks with her. Donna is very health conscious..... walking everyday, eating healthy and overall being a good example of how I should be living my life.

As I was sitting in the pavilion stuffing my face full of fried food.... here's Donna rocking the hula hoop. When I use a hula hoop, I perform something close to a full body dry heave and Donna makes it looks easy. I can't keep the hoop going for more than a couple seconds. Believe me, my problem is not because of a lack of hips to hold the thing on.... it's lack of co-ordination.

Donna has a heart of gold. She has a great family (I was lucky enough to meet them a few weekends ago) and she really goes out of her way to make you feel comfortable. She and her husband, Mark, are very caring towards each other. It's refreshing to see. He is working nights this weekend and he came to camp to see her. He came down to the pool to see her. As I watched him tenderly kiss her goodbye, tell her to have fun and that he'd see her later, I smiled a contented smile. I'm glad to see others in a loving, caring relationship. Plus she kept the hoop going for a good 45 seconds so we know she's got the moves!


lime said...

it's a beautiful thing to observe a loving relationship. and that last shot is fabulous! i love it!

Sharpie said...

I LOVE to hula hoop!!!!