Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Bullets of Crap

I don't know how I am going to make it through the summer.

  • Gary went to a new cardiologist yesterday who wants to do a stress test right away. Lovely.
  • Hannah hates rec and does not want to go this summer. We paid the $500 to sign her up and now have to beg for a refund. Lovely.
  • Gracie, our male chinchilla (just found this out for sure) has an infected eye ($96.85 at the vet's office this morning) and will be attending camp with us over the holiday weekend so I can put drops in his eye twice a day. He squirms. Lovely.

  • Grace and Piper, our female chinchilla (have always known this) have been doing the naughty and probably we will have babies in 140 days. Lovely.

  • My pool needs to be vacuumed. Lovely.

  • I've got raging PMS. Lovely.


lime said...

well it would seem as if you've been shot with bullets of crap for sure. hoping for the best in all the various situations.

ccw said...

That's quite a load to deal with!

I hope that Gary is alright, the money returns easily, Grace learns to administer his own eye drops, Piper was on birth control, the pool suddenly becomes clean, and Midol really works (or drink or three).

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your terrible day! I just found your blog, and LOOOOOVE the vintage pic of the girl in the hammock. Can you give me info about it? Is it original to you? Can I buy it as a print?
Thanks so much!
Susan red8963@hotmail.com