Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pumping the Sewer

Yahoo - Here's what is in my yard right now pumping out the septic tank of 2 years of God knows what is down there. I don't want to know. The man they sent to pump our septic looks like Paul Walker, I shit you not. I told Paul the guy doing that sweet job that I would be in my office when he was ready to pick up the check. I just hope he wipes his feet off. **Updated to add that we have a broken line from our tank to the D box or whatever that thing is called. Oh God, I wish I was on town sewer when stuff like this happens. We've got 3 giant holes dug in the front lawn.... one of them an oozing, muddy, smelly mess. Joy. Tomorrow, Carl is coming to put in a new line and then we'll be able to flush ourselves away.

Hannah's 10th birthday is next week and she is having a few friends over for a cookout and to play outside. Hannah is really into horses right now in a huge way, so out gifts to her are horse related.


lime said...

i'm glad someone is willing to do that job but i seriously wonder what motivates a person to say...hey i want to suck septic tanks for a living!

Martha said...

If he really looks like Paul Walker, I'm jealous I'm not still there watching him! ... Except maybe minus the septic tank part*! :) Hope Hannah has a fun birthdayy!

Anonymous said...

So... knowing Gary, Hannah's getting a pony for her birthday?
It was great to see you the other day, we'll visit longer in July!