Thursday, April 03, 2008

Arizona Day 3

Today we enjoyed another day with a beautiful blue sky. This was after we awoke at 3am AGAIN. It's very hard being 3 hours behind the east coast because as I type this it is 6:30pm and I can hardly stay awake.

We went to the zoo after breakfast and I am pretty sure that every child under the age of 6 in the entire state of Arizona was at the zoo today. The zoo was very nice. We took a train ride around the entire zoo with a guide so we had a lot less walking to do. I found the zoo to be very open... without much shade. When we went to the Nashville zoo last November, the zoo was very shady, with pergolas and vines covering most of the walkways and the animal containment areas had many, many areas of shade with plants and trees.

Tomorrow we are renting a Tomcar and going out to the desert on our own. This ought to be fun! Gary has promised he won't drive us over a cliff or anything so I hope to be able to blog about it tomorrow night. Saturday, we are planning to meet up with Wayne and Amy and their kids. Hannah really wants to go horseback riding and I think it would be great if Nathan and Maddy could go with her. Sunday I think will be a family day and Monday we have booked a day fishing trip for Gary.

I'm not sure what this beautiful hanging red plant is. I think it is a Bougainvillea or some sort of Azalea. Whatever it is, when I saw it my heart smiled.

I don't know about you guys, but this looks very suspiciously like a place a 3 hour cruise went very wrong.


Anonymous said...

They are Bougainvillea. For arizona homeowners they are a nightmare. They look lovely in the wild or wide open areas.

Heather said...

Not every kid under 6 ~ mine weren't there! If you get some free time, email me and I'll come drink a margarita with you!