Friday, February 22, 2008

The Wedding

Hannah has been invited to be in my niece, Ariel's, wedding. I hope Ariel knows what she's getting into. This will mean that Hannah has to wear a dress and comb her hair. We are just asking for a major meltdown to happen. Hannah will be 10 when this spectacular event happens because Ariel and her fiance, Jeff, do things the proper way. They get engaged for a year or so and have all this time to plan a fabulous wedding. Not like Gary and I ... we called my mom and said "Can you throw together a small wedding for 30 in the next day or two?". Bless her heart... she did. Ariel is planning hotels and functions for her guests. Shes even secured the town trolley service to shuttle her wedding guests to different spots around town to avoid anyone having to drink and drive. Let's be serious...... my family is a long line of drinkers and party goers. We will probably be utilizing that trolley for half the night. Ariel and Jeff have the most awesome website for their wedding. You can visit their totally cool site here .. please visit and leave them some good wishes and your best advice for a successful marriage! Awwwwwww..... to be in love and young.....

My mom had her lumpectomy today and is about a pound lighter in the boob department. She'll meet her oncologist in the next couple of weeks and as soon as she's healed, will start her radiation treatments. Wish her well.... please!

Did I tell you that Gary, Hannah and I are visiting AZ in April? We are so excited to go and last night, I upgraded us to a 2 bedroom suite at a brand new hotel! woohoo! I am beside myself to see the Grand Canyon. I have read so much about it and I'm looking forward to seeing it for myself. My online friend, Cecily, has been visiting New Mexico, the Canyon and all kinds of neat places this past week and has been providing an online detail of their journey. I hope to do the same when we visit AZ. Gary's cousin Wayne, his wife Amy and their 2 children live outside Pheonix, in Mesa. We are looking forward to spending some time with them too!

Tomorrow night, Gary, Hannah and I are going to the Auburn Riverwatch to spend the night and swim in the pool. On Sunday, we have the campground seasonal dinner. It's going to be wonderful to see all our friends from the campground. Only 65 more days! (not that I'm counting!)

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Ariel said...

hehe she's gonna be such a cutie that day, combed hair or not :) i can't wait for it to be here but at the same time not really cause that means summer will be over and right now i can't think about that!! xoxo