Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Family Heirloom

Back in 1955, my father in law worked for a farmer in Southern Illinois along the Ohio River. He and a co-worker were sent to Chicago to pick up some equipment parts. They went to Chicago to pick up those parts and stayed at an "affordable" hotel.

Upon checking into the the room, my father in law found that the chimney cover plate had fallen off the wall and a frightfully, cold draft was coming into the room. He pushed the bureau against the wall and climbed on top of it to reinstall the flue cover plate. Reaching up to secure the plate to the wall, this is what he found inside the wall:
It has now become a family heirloom and the topic of many conversations
  • Where did the gun come from?
  • Why was it hidden the wall?
  • It was manufactured from 1951-1970.
  • What do you think the owner of this gun did and why was it hidden?


lime said...

wow!!! how crazy is that???

i'm thinking there had to be a crime involved. that seems pretty obvious.

ccw said...

Very odd.

I imagine if it was hidden it was done so for a good (illegal) reason.

Heather said...

Freaky. I agree - probably something illegal. Hmm...

Lauren said...

I wonder if there's some dead case file out there in the world that could be solved if only they could find the murder weapon... no telling whose prints could have been on that gun.

Kelly said...

I'm with Lauren. Definitely a crime, why didn't he give it to the police?

The Lunch Lady said...