Friday, December 14, 2007

The Crash of the Creche

"Cannonball!" is what I hear. Over and over again I hear Hannah shouting this from the living room and then laughing. I peek around the corner and she's playing with the nativity set. My mom bought these figurines back in the 60's, from a W.T. Grant store, for pennies apiece. My sister, Sue had them for many years and then she passed them on to Hannah.

"Cannonball!" she hollers and the Baby Jesus jumps from the top of the manger onto the hay.... unceremoniously landing on his head. I chuckle. . My mother treasured these pieces and growing up, we were only allowed to look at them....sometimes we'd pretend play with the pieces when Mom wasn't looking but always tried to put them back exactly as we thought we had found them. She probably knew we were messing with it but figured as long as we were quiet and not destroying it or each other.... what was the harm?

I was saddened to see that after being in our family for over 40 years and having no ill come to them, it only took a few days for our dog, Chloe, to grab the cow and chew it's left ear AND horn off.

This morning while I was watering the Christmas tree for the 47th time in 5 days (I have no idea where all this water goes), I studied the nativity and how she left it. Here it is:

  • The wiseman behind Baby Jesus in a pose that I can only like to Redd Foxx as Fred Sanford, grabbing his chest yelling "I'm coming to you Elizabeth!"

  • That sneaky donkey is appearing to want to either nibble on baby Jesus' hair or whisper in his ear.

  • The angel at the front dressed in blue is totally off in her own little world.

  • The poor one horned, one eared cow is being stuck up and turning her back to the new babe.

  • What the heck is a beanie baby doing in Bethlehem?


lime said...

LOL, what a great giggle you gave me this morning! baby jesus doing cannonballs and fred sanford visiting over him. classic!

ccw said...


Our tree started out 3/4 of the way decorated. Nonami destroys it a little more each day. The remaining decorations are now on the upper 1/4 of the tree. I imagine it will look beyond ridiculous by Christmas morning.

Sharpie said...

OMG LOL!! Lil Man, when he was about 2, being the lover of ALL animals and owner of 1000 small plastic animal figures put them ALL with the manger. I will never forget my father seeing it and bursting out laughing saying to my son, "Lil MAn I am pretty sure there were No zebras with Baby Jesus!" Or dinosaurs... And my son shaking his head YES, YES THEY WERE.

My only rule was the Baby Jesus STAY in the manger. I did not want to go looking for him under the couch....a girl has to have standards.

Have a great day!

Kim said...

lol. My mother hasn't a shred of religion in her, but she does have that Catholic upbringing... This meant that the Nativity Scene was revered and handled like nitro glycerine, look (pray and count your blessings) but don't even THINK about touching... Ahhh, good times.

Melody said...

My dad has an ancient nativity scene at his house (I hope to some day own it)that is around 70 years old, it's ceramic and we've repainted it several times. It is one of the few things that made it thru the fire. It started at the Catholic Church in town, then to Grammy Mary, then to My mom. I want that nativity far more for sentimental reasons then for relitious ones.