Thursday, November 29, 2007

Jiggity Jig

Finally! It's weather tight and not a moment too soon. My brother and Jason finished the cedar shingles today and it looks good. The picture of the back of the building shows the area that Gary built on the back of the boat shed a few years ago. He did this so when he backs the boat in, the outboard motor fits into that section neat as a pin..... otherwise we wouldn't be able to shut the door. Because of the way it sticks out on the back of the building, Gary has taken to calling it the 'dink on the boat shed' because... well... I'm sure you know why. I need to call the propane company to have them set a 100gallon tank into that corner section. Should I tell them... "My husband wants it put in the corner, right next to the dink." I doubt they'll get it.

Speaking of garages..... I thought I'd show you my next project. My mom and I share the garage. She parks on her side year round and I park on my side in the winter only. Over the summer, my side of the garage collects 'THE STUFF'. THE STUFF is anything that doesn't have a permanent home yet that we've gotten over the summer and alarm equipment that needs to be put into the inventory shed. It looks like I've got my work cut out for me so I can get my Jeep into my side of the garage. I should just park in it year round and then this problem wouldn't happen every fall.
Mom's side above and my side below.
Hannah and I are still taking our violin lessons and we are enjoying them very much. It's amazing to me that we actually can make music. We have only progressed as far as learning notes G, D, A & E and those are all done open string so far. I'm think in the next few weeks, we might get to learn a note using a finger on the string! woohoo. How exciting, huh? When we start a new song in class... it is hysterical because the teacher just does a start count and we begin playing. It seriously sounds like a room full of cats having their tails stepped on.

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lime said...

i remmeber mr. lime doing a house in cedar shakes like the dead of winter. how he didn't loose a finger to frostbite i will never know.

LMAO! when my daughter took violin lessons i used the phrase cats being stepped on too! glad you're enjoying though, even if ears aren't