Saturday, October 27, 2007


November 15th is my last day at the school. In a way... I am relieved. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I'm sure they'll be able to find another lunch lady...and I hope the kids are good to him/her.

I woke up at 5am with Gary this morning. The rain was coming down in sheets and the wind was blowing. He was off to go fishing as I got out of bed to start my day. I felt so good that I cleaned my dining room table off. This is a major undertaking because it is the central place for clutter. I have so much clutter in my life house right now and I am working on getting rid of it.

  • Why do I keep clothes that are 3 sizes too small from 1994?

  • How many Sudoku books do I really need to have in the house at one time?

  • How can one junk drawer morph into 4?

  • My bathroom has 4,562 different hair, face and skin products in it and we use the same 10 all the time. Dear God, someone help me.

  • The other day I threw out 14!! pair of underwear that I hate and I still have 20 left. Who in their right mind has 34 friggin' pair of underwear?

I'm turning over a new leaf. Yes, I am. I'm scared and excited to see what's under it though.


lime said...

well, hey good luck with that. may i also suggest keeping a large cattle prod to zap anythignnasty that happenes to skitter out from under the leaf...

ccw said...

I have been doing this with our clothes since I am switching for seasons. I have also been in the attic.

Why I would have ever kept 5 pairs of size zero acid washed tapered jeans is beyond me.

Mr. MFBA has a sock fetish. The sheer amount of socks in his drawer could convince anyone he is ill.

Mike Todd said...

Maybe on your last day, you could start a massive food fight. If your life was a sitcom, that's what would happen.

Glad you're relieved to have that off your plate, so to speak. Now less ketchup, more blogging! Or not. You know, whatever makes you happier. But more of your blogging would make the internet a better place.

Melody said...

I didn't know that you were gettinig done at school, I'm kinda suprised. Kudos on the decluttering, that's something that i have sworn to accomplish before the holidays...this year I hope. Hannah looked adorable for halloween.

Lauren said...

Ah... the great underwear debate... I have them in all sizes and variations: my "sexy" underwear, my "good" underwear, my not-so-good underwear and my "period" underwear. All told, I probably beat your 34 pair by at least a dozen!!! LOL

Congrats on leaving the ketchup factory and returning to Gary-dom. Good luck with the construction. God knows, you'll need it!!! (voice of experience here) Mooaahhhaaahaaahaaa!