Saturday, July 28, 2007


I'm at camp on my laptop. Gary and Hannah have gone fishing. He has a club tournament today and this is going to be Hannah's first time fishing in a tournament with him. The weigh in is at 3pm and I'm going to be sure and be there. What if she places? wow. She'll be so happy.

I don't have much to post about today so I knhow you'll be happy to hear that it is bullet time! Random bullets of crap to be exact (RBOC!)

  • If I was an astronaunt... I'd drink too. The thought of sitting in a flight chair strapped in over 2 million gallons of the most explosive liquid known to man.... getting ready to blast into space where if something goes wrong, I might never step foot on Earth again.... bring on the tequila. Besides, isn't it all computer controlled by NASA to a certain point? It's not like those astronaunts are actually driving that rocket as it leaves the launchpad. Let them sleep.

  • I'm not a Hilary Clinton fan at all but I do have to give the woman credit. She's running a good campaign... reaching out to women. Her hairstyles have people taking notice. Christ, even I'm paying attention. I'm not sure if this country is ready for a woman president. I know my own husband will think the end of days won't be far behind.

  • This home invasion story sickens me. Actually makes me want to puke. This poor family has had a tragedy thrust upon it that no human should ever have to experience. I think I would have no problem pulling the trigger on these freak jobs. As far as I'm concerned... they have NO RIGHTS. I'm praying for justice to be done and not a long drawn out trial where we are all subject to hearing about their sad upbringing and how they couldn't help themselves... oh fucking boo hoo... Please Connecticut... use the death penalty you have available. I just wish this family had armed themselves with guns in their home and used the security system they had. A panic button on a keypad summons the police instantly and a 9mm is quite a deterrent. So sad. Every responsible adult ought to possess a proper means of self defense, just in the off chance it becomes necessary to defend themselves, their families, or their communities.


Beth said...

I'm not too into Hilary. Can't describe it. I want a female president, but not that much. Obama is my choice thus far, if I have to pick a main stream candidate.

Beth said...

Sheri, I also did your poll. It accepted my answer, but never put it in the poll. I was number one ... always plan ahead, and shop ahead for ingredients.

My menu for the week is always on the fridge.

lime said...

aww good luck to hannah and gary. i bet she makes some wonderful memories.

as the survivor of a home invasion when we lived in trinidad i'd have not one second's hesitation to pull the trigger if anyone ever tried that again. i'd blow their asses into the next world.

ccw said...

Good luck to Gary and Hannah!

The home invasion story is scary. My husband does not believe in keeping guns but I do so we have guns. Although, he doesn't know how to shoot any of them.

Morgan said...

Sheri -
Hillary? I think not.
Home invasions? What a travesty. Gary and Hannah? Winners!!