Sunday, June 10, 2007



omg - I am so pissed that I have spent years watching this show.... have never missed an episode and David Chase ends it like that?



Cindy said...

I agree. I thought my cable went out at the end.

In an earlier episode, Tony told Bobby that when your time comes, you won't hear it. So, did he get whacked? Why was Meadow having so much trouble parking her car.


lime said...

lol, i have never SEEN and episode.

greatest series ending of all time? newhart when bob and the wife went to bed, he woke up having a nightmare about being a new england inn owner and was with suzanne pleschette, the wife from his series back inthe 70s. brilliant poke at the whoel 'dallas' thing and hilarious way to end a very funny series.

Sharpie said...

OMG I TOTALLY Agree!!! Were you like me - and slapping Dh's leg to put the channel back on - cuz I could NOT BELIEVE they ended like that?????? My only solace is that they ended like that so the MOVIE can pick up from there!!!!

ccw said...

We felt cheated. I could not believe that we flew home from Kid L's dance recital like we were on fire to watch that episode. A big let down.

I loved the end of "Six Feet Under" and would have really enjoyed something similar or at least some end with the Sopranos.

Beth said...

I've not seen one episode of The Sopranos either, but I've heard a lot of mixed reviews on the ending. Sounds like a bummer. Reminds me of the last "Angel" episode. Sucked so bad. You were left hanging.