Wednesday, May 23, 2007

What Do I Need?

Michelle over at House of Lime did this meme and I thought it was a riot. I'm supposed to google my name with the words needs, is, likes, wants, gets, says, does, eats. Let's see what fun Google provided shall we? As Dave Barry says, 'I am not making this up.

'Sheri wants to make sure the people who enter her lab feel right at home.'
Absolutely! Come right in and let me conduct some experiments on you!

Sheri wants to get on with her life.
Well...... I guess this says it all...

"Sheri wants to hire someone tomorrow"
Actually , Sheri couldn't pay another person to so anything. My budget is pretty well shot right now, thank you very much.

Sheri likes the pasta or vegetarian type of meal.
shhhhhhhhh.... don't tell Gary that he married a meat hater. He'll be twisted for life.

Sheri likes opening boxes of beautiful dresses - everyday is like Christmas!
oh. my. God. my secret is out. Boxes of beautiful dresses! Like candy!

Sheri likes to go to the malls and see people.
um... whoever wrote this doesn't know me very well. Sheri would rather have her head set on fire and put out with a sledge hammer than go to a mall.

Sheri is hosting a potluck for next months meeting.
Nothing like a good ol' fashion potluck! We have them at the campground quite frequently and I do love them! Sorry for all the exclamation points!

Sheri needs more data
Well, I'm not sure if my brain can handle anymore data at this point. See.... I work at a high school, as a lunch lady, and I'm on overload most of the time... dealing with condiments and all.

Sheri needs direct assistance to engage in most activities
I do need more help than others., I admit this freely.

Sheri needs to have drops (Artificial Tears available at the chemist) in her eyes to combat her dry-eye issue.
It's funny that this came up on Google, because I just bought artificial tears last week because of the dry eye thing I have going on. Now, who went and told the Internet that?

Sheri gets violent when she plays Monopoly!!
Oh Dear God, my secret is out. I'm violent when I play Monopoly. Thank God, they don't have the scoop on my Twister game yet.

Sheri gets 5 stars (or more!) for her excellent customer service.
Now, this is where I shine! Customer Service. I did it for 16 years at a cable company. Talk about wanting to set your head on fire. I had no idea TV meant so much to people. More than life itself to some!

Sheri says every member of her family had a few pairs of these colorful rubber clogs.
I did NOT say this because Gary would NEVER wear clogs. He has told me he hates to wear anything that feels like it's continually falling off his foot... ie flipsflops, crocs etc.... However, Hannah and I both love clogs.

Sheri says thank you! I'm still gonna get a wig for myself though.I must have said this when I was half crocked because I have no idea what I was saying.

Sheri says, "I'm at peace with my body"And I have a bridge I would like to talk to you about selling.....

Sheri does not eat without assistance and is often most comfortable in public.
I can shovel my own food, thank you very much and I don't mind being in public, but I hate being the center of attention anywhere.

Sheri does not answer emails here.
I am very naughty like that. However, I am better at answering emails than I am at answering snail mail.

Sheri does confirm on her official website that she will have a role in her husband's remake of Halloween.
Yes, I will be playing the Jamie Lee Curtis' role. However, the villain role, which formally had a masked man, will be replaced by a man in a suit carrying a briefcase with the letters I.R.S on it. That is sure to cause me to scream.

Sheri eats soy cream every day - a whole pint!
Imagine that!

Sheri eats everything.
I knew the Internet was smart but WOW - it's almost clairvoyant.

Sheri eats when shes drunk
See above....again how do they know this????

Sheri is a warm, wise, wonderful Teacher and Counselor of Wholistic Sexuality
wholistic sexuality?? wtf is that?

Sheri is not competing in the high jump
That's right, Sheri is NOT. Nor will she be competing in the hurdles or any running event.

Sheri is really 99 years old !


ccw said...

Love this!

I have done this with needs but never the other ones. This is funny!

lime said...

sheri, that is HILARIOUS!!!! as for your sentiment regarding malls, mr. lime would agree with you. and the comment on condiments...i'm rock sheri, yes you do!

Beth said...

Definitely going to try this.