Sunday, April 15, 2007


Hello from Texas! Sorry I haven't posted sooner but we really just got our internet access straightened out. The hotel we are staying at is under renovations and they had an issue with the gateway on the server so we couldn't use the service in our room. It's all repaired now and working great. Now... onto the details of our trip.

We left Maine on Thursday night in a typhoon. The rain/snow was coming down in torrents and I was afraid of getting stranded at Logan due to the weather or stuck in a traffic jam on Rt128... I'm not sure which would've been worse. The driving sucked and I was so happy to finally arrive at the Park & Fly outside of Logan and turn our lives over to a shuttle driver who couldn't talk a word of english and drove like a man on the edge. As we skidded sideways to the Continental terminal, I was very glad to step on the ground.

Check in went smoothly and our flight was on time to Houston. The plane was absolutely packed to the hilt. Not an empty seat available. I felt bad for all the sad faces on standby that we left at the gate. Hannah and I sat next to a man from Massachusetts who had never flown before. He was a teacher at the state youth correctional center and was a very pleasant person. Hannah must've liked him too because about 3 hours into the flight, she was sound asleep, leaning on him. I kept pulling her back but she kept leaning toward him. Gary sat across from me in the aisle seat and mostly slept.

We arrive at Houston around 10pm (11 EST) and rented a Town & Country mini-van (sorry Regina! we are dorks!). We love a comfy mini van...lots of space to move around. We spent the night in Houston and drove to San Antonio the next morning (Friday).

On Friday we went to the zoo. It was at least 86 degrees and very humid. Ugh. We were sweating like pigs all day and didn't have shorts on yet. It was a very nice zoo but crowded. I think we will go back again on Tuesday when the crowd won't be as bad. Hannah bought herself the coveted penguin that she has been wanting since seeing the movie, Happy Feet. The hippo's had the right the water to cool off.

Saturday we went to the Marketplace which was incredible. So colorful and full of Mexican products, music and people. We definitely will go back there before leaving. My mother is always saying she doesn't want any more knick knacks for her house but Gary wanted to buy her this guy. He was pretty sure he had found the only knickknack she doesn't have yet. Note to mom: DO NOT WORRY - I WOULD'NT LET HIM GET IT!
Last night was the highlight so far. We went to the rodeo. Hannah loved it and it was alot of fun for us too. I've got a video of a ride gone bad that is pretty funny. If I can get it uploaded to Youtube today... I'll post it here.
Well, that's about it so far. Today we are riding up to Austin to go to a BBQ at our business associates house and lounging by the pool later on this evening. Tomorrow we are going to the Riverwalk and back to the Market so Gary can have some cabrito. Tuesday probably back to the zoo and Wednesday we go to Waco to see Gary's mom and sisters.
More later!


Sue said...

It's Martha! Plllleeeassseee bring me home a teacup chiuwawa! Not even kidding!! :) Have fun*

lime said...

but doesn't everyone need a stuffed armadillo dressed liek a sheriff??? come on!!!! lol

you guys have fun.

Melody said...

Sounds like you guys are having loads of fun. Was great talking to you last night too. Keep up the FUN!

ccw said...

Sounds like you are all having tons of fun!

Enjoy the rest of your trip!

Beth said...
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Cyli said...

sounds so awesome and busy - are you glad to be home?

pssst I am at now ;)

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you're having fun. SInce you aren't coming home with a stuffed armadillo, maybe you can bring home a jackalope. ;o)

Enjoy some Tex-Mex for me.