Friday, March 23, 2007

The kittens rule the roost

Back in November, we treated ourselves to 2 new kittens, Sydnay and Princess. Sydnay is on the left in the picture and Princess is on the right.
Gary promptly announced that he hated those names and he calls them Bonnie and Clyde.
Now that we are family of 4 cats, I have to ask myself "My God, what was I thinking?" Kittens are like babies. They are so cute and cuddly and you forget so easily how much work they are.
If the kittens see something on the ceiling that catches their fancy.... well they think nothing of scaling up the curtains and walls to check it out.
Sydnay has an fetish for hair elastics. He has made it his personal mission to search and destroy every single hair elastic I own. He accomplishes this by dropping them in the litter box when he's done playing with them.
Our oldest cat, Blue, hates the kittens. Blue is about 12 years old and very arthritic. He has a hard time when he wakes up to get things limber and moving. He mostly sleeps on a pink pillow in the livingroom. The kittens love to play and sometimes they forget that Blue hates them and they'll try to play with him. He obliges by promptly beating the crap out of both of them.
Lucy, our other pathetic cat has been driven totally insane by Chloe's relentless chasing. He only comes out of the cellar at night and we are witness to his spastic nervousness as he frantically tries to run from the top of the cellar stairs to the door to be let out before Chloe spies him. In his demented state, I don't think he even realizes that we have other cats now.
Princess and Sydnay are both fascinated by our printer. Sydnay doesn't understand how the paper comes out and why he can't stop it from doing so. Princess just thinks it's a perfect place to sleep. Damn cats.


melodyann said...

awww, they're so cute. Me, I'm allergic to cats and I will die if I'm within 500 feet of one, but I think they are cute little things, nonetheless.

Except for Thumper, who is my brother's cat. He's straight from the devil.

Iris said...

I love my pets. My dog Angus is such a love.......and my old cat Ginger, he is so sweet. My son has had various hamsters that have met their demise. Now he wants a new kitten........not sure I am up for that.

Scotty said...

HOW cute. We have had so many animal troubles this past few weeks. Just wanted to pop in and say hello. I am still around.

lime said...

oh, y9ou have to film syndnay watching the printer in action, i bet that is hilarious

ccw said...

OMG! They are so cute!