Sunday, January 28, 2007

Ice Fishing

I was able to sleep in this morning because Hannah and Gary went ice fishing.
I know, I know....calm down. It's major excitement around here. Gary has been in severe fishing withdrawals so when Josh asked if he wanted to go ......he jumped at the chance. Hannah wanted to go to. We had to turn the house literally upside down to find his traps.... because I NEVER PUT THEM where he can find them. I've never even used them. ugh!

Gary took this picture with his cellhpone and sent it to me. It's a 21" brook trout. While I'm sure her mittens reek, I just hope her school jacket and skipants don't smell like a fish.

I've been working on this little purse for Hannah. It's called a Princess purse and it's about 5x7". A scrapbook page is able to be put on each side. This is the front of the purse:

and this is the back:

I hope she likes it.


lime said...

but can she put a fish in the purse??

Larry said...

Ah fish. Isn't it interesting how something so tasty on the inside can smell so gross on the outside?

And I think the purse rocks :)

Melody said...

She's so cute. The purse is adorable too.

Sue said...

I love, love, love my purse! Thank you so much! Yours came out so cute, I can't wait to decorate mine! I'll send you pictures!

ccw said...

I love the purse!

Hannah looks so happy with her fish. Glad they had fun.

Kim said...

Sheri, I can't believe how big Hannah is getting! Such a cutie.