Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I'm getting goosed by Christmas

Why oh why do I do this to myself every year? Why do I wait until the absolute last friggin' moment to really kick the ol' Christmas goose and start getting anything done? Dec 6th is today and I can feel the beginnings of the holiday panic starting. By Dec 20th, I ought to be at full-blown high speed come apart of immense proportions....Defcon 4....code red. I don't even have a clear spot in my livingroom to put a tree, if I wanted to. Note to self: make spot for tree in livingroom

My sister, Sue, took Hannah to a Christmas Deck the Halls celebration while we were visiting over Thanksgiving. At the fair, there was a Santa (of course it was a Santa helper dressed like Santa) taking requests from the kids. Hannah wouldn't talk to him. Nope, no siree. She stated that she already had told Santa what she wanted and wasn't going to run the risk of this helper screwing up the details. Gosh - I love that kid and the stuff she comes out with.

No Pasta Bar this week. There is a God.


ccw said...

Hannah is funny. I love her thinking.

I am slow this year. I had no idea that the two little ones would so greatly impair my ability to wrap, decorate, etc.

Melody said...

I'm in full panic mode too...trying to figure out how to fit everything into the ... oh tooooo few days ... left till Christmas!!!! YIKES.

lime said...

hannah rocks! the kid is brilliant!

Heather said...

Hannah is so cute! The Santa stuff kills me.