Thursday, June 22, 2006


Random Bullets of Judicial Stuff that Drives me Nuts

  • I read today that Saddam Hussein is on a hunger strike to protest his trial and the judge over-seeing it. Um...ok.. whatever... starve yourself - you pathetic waste of a human.
  • And why in the world are we subjected to the Andrea Yates horror show again. Rehashing this sad story, whether she was insane or not is ludicrous. She is still going to be in prison forever without having to spend taxpayers money again.
  • Another judicial fiasco. Why didn't this judge impose a very stiff fine on this lawyer? Throw the case out? What about the victim's rights?

Ok - that's my 3 things for today that frosted my ass. What are yours?

edited to add: Reminder for the 2996 9/11 Victim Tribute. Please click on the 2996 image in my sidebar to visit the website set up and consider volunteering and promoting this on your own blog.


Yvette said...

The victim tribute, how do you pick someone to pay tribute too and then what??? Am I suppose to do research to find out about him/her? I'm interested in doing this, but tell me exactly what has to be done. I like details! Or should dumbass me just click on the site and figure it out myself? Just tell me anyway...ok.

lime said...

i think that judge should have been sent on vacation in a holding cell with the defendant. what an asswipe.

migraine with puking last night. too consumed by that to have my ass frosted otherwise

Sandi said...

I agree with Saddam, I agree with Andrea. I was still living in Texas when she did this and all through her trial, such a sad thing listening to her husband on the news. I feel for him having to go through this yet again.
Better idea for the judge, his law school needs to call him and tell him that all of his test scores where faked and he needs to start from scratch on his degree.

Answer to your question on my site is up over there.

Sharpie said...

Agreeing with everything you got there. I read about that judge in the paper yesterday. Crazy!!

Jack Hartley said...

Three things that pissed me off today?

[1] Waking up early even though it's a Saturday.

[2] Getting a massive hayfever attack.

[3] Dropping the my last marshmallow on the floor and not being able to eat it even though it was a pink one (and I like the pink ones the most).

All in all, not really that bad of a day.

Beth said...

Rants. Mine would be gas prices, finicky hummingbirds, and the hot, humid weather.

Sheri, what is the code to put the 9/11 tribute on blogs? I signed up and wanted to also advertise the site, but I have no idea how to link it to my blog as you have.

Jered said...

Hahaha... I cracked up when I read "frosted my ass." It's such a good way comment.

You know your flowers, I'm impressed! Do you know the Stargazer lily? It is one of my favorites.
Oh, and the case of the Ohio judge - what an ass of a judge to make such an idiotic decision. He shouldn't be allowed on the bench in my opinion.