Thursday, April 27, 2006

My Thrilling Six Degrees

Not to be outdone by my friend Sherry at Horkin Ramblings, , I give you my Six Degrees of Deerledge. People that I can link to that I am less than six degrees away from. Ready?

  • My sister, Sue worked at some sporting camps in high school that Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward visited with their daughters. Sue got to see him swim AND drink Budweiser!

  • I've known Ken Dolan since I helped hook up his cable tv back in in 1991. Now he's on CNNfn. I guess I should've listened to those money tips, huh?

  • My dad's aunt was the housekeeper for years at Walker's Point, summer home of former President George Bush.

Well, I guess that about covers my list of Six Degrees of Seperation to famous people.... I don't even come close to Kevin Bacon....

How about you? Who is famous that you can link to?


Jered said...

I'm back (for now) Sheri- you're right, with the warm weather and longer daylight we tend to find more to do.

My six degrees of Kevin Bacon:

1. My good friend Chrysti married Dave Eigenberg (Steve on Sex in the City)

2. Dave worked with Sarah Jessica Parker on "Sex in the City"

3. Sarah Jessica Parker worked with Bill Murrey in the movie "Ed Wood"

4. Bill Murrey worked with Kevin Bacon in the movie "Wild Things"

My Bacon number is 4 (it would be 5 but I am good friends with Dave now)

I am friends with Chris Kirkpartrick from N*SYNC; Chris introduced me to Britany Spears a few years back at her 18th birthday party in NYC and I met the rest of N*SYNC and hung out all night in a NYC hotel getting drunk

I met Dave Matthews and bummed a cigarette from him because I worked at an auditorium at Penn State where he and Tim Reynolds were doing an acoustical concert

I met and got an autograph from BB King when he played at that same auditorium

I met Rue McLanahan when she was doing a touring Broadway show at that same auditorium

I met and got to hang out with Ani DiFranco

- that's all that I can think of.

. said...

Oh geeze I am terible with this stuff. I do have some pretty famous people linked at my blog that I am buddies with! 1 degree I

Eileen said...

Hey there Sheri! My you have had several brushes with greatness haven't you. My most memorable was eating dinner with Tom Chapin. He was performing a concert at the theater when I was at university. There was a blizzard and they barely made it to the show. He sent one of his people out to buy dinner for his band and our whole crew. It was great until I openend my mouth and said, "I used to watch you on Big Blue Marble." LOL

Larry said...

When Johnathan Frakes (Riker on Star Trek the Next Generation) had a place in Bayside, my friend Bump met him. Bump's uncle or somesuch also did some work on John Travolta's place in Islesboro.

Sandi said...

You missed one, but you may not have known it. I have met Phil Collins. Had his back-up drummer puke in my cab back in '92.

Heather said...

I got nothing. No star studded friends or relatives. Back in the 80s, I lived in Hawaii though and I saw Tom Selleck and crew filming Magnum PI - does that count? Heh heh.

Mike Todd said...

I was there the night Jered (first comment) hung out with N'Sync (not that that's anything to be proud of) and dude, we DID NOT meet Britney Spears. I surely would have remembered that. I think your other ones are true though.

Oh, and I saw Cousin Larry from Perfect Strangers in the grocery store. Crap, I'm pathetic.

Ryan said...

i have met a few stars backstage at there shows but the 1 that comes 2 my mind and always will is meeting cher.

my dad is from england and he talks about people who we r kin with but i cant remember who.

Beth said...

I don't think I've met anyone famous, but my sister-in-law lived in California and had a framing shop. She met many famous people. My husband's family is directly related to Mary Queen of Scots and the Nazi war criminal, Rudolf Hess.

Michele said...

I lived next store to Tim Newhart (son of Bob) in college and got to meet the Dad once.
I took Ed Mcmahon's wife and dughter to the bathroom when he was making a special appearance at my college.
I sat with Jim Palmer (baseball player and underwear model) once on a plane.
I grew up with Teri Polo (currently on West Wing and previously in Meet the Fockers) and she spent the night at my house and my mom did her hair for the prom.
I lived on the same floor freshamn year and remained friends of friends of friends with Audrey Wasilewski (curuenlty the red haired neighbor on Big Love)

I worked with and was casual friends with Al Gough, creator of Smallville and the Spiderman movies back in college.

I rode an elevator with Ted Kennedy and he called me "young lady" and shook my hand. I have huge hands but his was like a baseball mitt.

I lierally ran into Star Jones and Al Reynolds and he made a huge fuss over my boys. They showed us her little dog in a purse.

While joking about running into him since we were in his neighborhood, my best friend and I looked up to see JFK jr. right in front of us waiting to cross the street. We stalked him for a good half hour. He was all that and more. Perfection.

When I lived in DC I met Ted Koppel, Senator Pat Moynahan, Larry King, and crack-head Mayor Barry. I also met Matt Lauer when he was there for the inauguration.
I also met Franco Harris and Billy Martin and Charles Barkely played golf in my parents back yard.

lime said...

not a single person at all. none, nada

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