Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Back on Track

I'm guessing that Blogger finally got whatever bug it had in its butt out and all is well in the Blogiverse again. phew! That is pretty stressful when you have something vitally important to say to the internet and you can't get it out there. lol

I probably should do another RBOC (random bullets of crap) because it's the start of the week and ...well..... just because.

  • I've got my camper set up at the campground for the summer. We've built a deck and I've got everything put away inside. Now...I'm starting to get nervous. As most of you know from my writing here, I don't do much without Gary. It's sad but true. He's my best friend and pal and we do most everything together....except fish. Most wives probably have exciting social lives outside of their marriage where they spend time with other gals doing whatever it is that other gals do, but not me. I'm nervous because I'm expected to go to camp with Hannah by myself. I'm scared....what if the hot water heater doesn't work? What if the LP gas detector starts going off? Gary always handles that kind of thing. I just make sure the toilet paper comes over the top of the roll and all is right in my world.

  • Last night we attended an invitation only menu-sampling for a new restaurant that is opening in town. Gary had done the alarm system for them.... that's why we were invited. Not because we are some important stock holders or anything like that. They have good menu choices......not the typical lobster and other seafood that is mostly found around here and nothing fried. They had dinners of ribs, chicken marsala, swordfish, salmon, pork, beef and shrimp over linguine. There were roasted red potatoes and a ratouli. yummy! There were two choices of salad... a side Caesar or tomato and portabello mushroom. The tomato and mushroom with balsamic vinegar was delicious! After dinner they served a bread pudding called JD Bourbon Pudding which is a recipe they can't share. Oh my God - I thought I had died and gone to heaven and I usually gag on bread pudding. This was so delicious that when Hannah said she didn't want hers...."It tastes gross, Mom!" is how she put it, that Gary and I had a fistfight over who would get to finish it. I lost. oh eff Anyway, the restaurant is called Lucas on 9 and is on Route 9 in Kennebunkport. If you're up my way, give it a try.... you won't be disappointed.

  • The other day it hit me that I'm 42 and am past my fertile (if there ever was any fertile) years. Why do men get to continue to father children until their demise and women are on some fast track to get it done or else? When you think that as soon as a girl is born her eggs start dying off....it's pretty sad. However, when you think that a woman carrying a girl is also technically carrying her own grandchildren.... that is pretty cool too. Anyway, the age thing is bothering me right now. I have too many wrinkles around my eyes. I was with my mother the other day in a store and someone said they thought we were sisters. wtf??? She's 65 years old and I'm 42. Either she looks young for her age or I look.....oh crap.

In closing.... After our vet prescribed some super growth vitamins....Chloe is growing by leaps & bounds.




Stephany said...

sounds like you've got alot going on. I'm the same way and can't hardly do anything without Dan, however i am going to Spokane Washington BY MYSELF. Yes I'm scared but it's for a good reason.

People always think that my mom and I are sisters, and of course it gives mom a big head...ugh.

It sounds like you had some awesome food at that new restaurant...Yummy.

Oh is that dog a Rotty? or just a Rotty mix? It's really pretty!!! Not as pretty as Hannah though!!! :-)

Sue said...

lol, thanks for making me laugh today. Mom must look very young for her age, because you look a heck of alot younger than me, and I'm not old!
Whose dog is it?
You'll have a great time camping, you'll meet some new friends there at the campground, plus I'll be visiting you!

Sandi said...

You diffenatly do not look 65! I would like to put money on the fact right now that you will have the best summer ever! If something goes wrong then I am sure there will be a nice neighbor guy that can fix it.
Does this mean that we will be all summer, two months were you live, without postings?

Julie said...

Your summer will be just fine and I'd be willing to bet that if the lp detector goes haywire or if the hot water tank starts spuing water everywhere you will be able to handle it...YOU ARE WOMAN! YOU ARE INVINCIBLE!!!!
We are in the market for a camper and having absolutey no luck...would like to have used but it looks like new is the only way we will get one. Nothing out there used that our truck will pull...has to be 5,000 lbs or less.
I know how you feel about the age thing. I've been going through a lot of shit with my daughter lately and I think it has aged me 10 years...that would make me pushing 50. YIKES!!! If anyone ever compared me to my mom I think I'd simply curl up and wither away. I love my mother but OH MY GOD!!!! I don't even want to go there...
Summer without Sheri will be tough...I'm hoping that I will meet you with Mel this summer...if camper comes through will be in Greenville a lot.

lime said...

well i for one am glad you know which way a toilet paper roll should go.

Sharpie said...

You'll do FINE!!!!!!!

ccw said...

You'll do fine at the camper without Gary.

The food at the new restaraunt sounds absolutely delicious! The seafood may be typical for you, but I would love to be eating seafood in Maine about now. It's been way too long.

I personally find it repulsive that a 70 year old man can dribble out sperm and we are all supposed to be impressed. BTW, you are not even remotely old.

The dog is BIG and very beautiful!

Beth said...

I'm with you on the hubby being your social circle. I don't actually think that's a bad way to be. More women should desire that kind of contact. LOL

I'm curious, why can't Gary go camping?

Also, I do believe even men should have a sperm cut-off. I have a strange aversion to 60 year old guys having kids with 20 year old women. Blech!