Monday, February 27, 2006

But Wait!! There's More!

It's cold. I mean it's really friggin' cold. The thermometer reads 4 degrees and the wind is blowing at a good 20-30mph. The wind chill factor is around -20 degrees. As I sit in my cozy house bitching about the cold I can't help but think about our forefathers and how hard it must have been without the conveniences we have today. First of all.... indoor plumbing. Dear God - can you imagine having to bare your ass in an outhouse when it's this cold (or colder)? What about trying to toilet train a child? Or be a woman and have your period? Or God forbid have the diarrhea (or as Gary calls it....the Screamin' Twirlies)? An improvement would've been when they put the facilities in the barn with the rest of the animals. It had to have been a little warmer in there.


ccw said...

That's cold and here I was whining about the 20 degree weather.

I have a friend with grandparents in Maine who still have an outhouse. I have often wondered how they can stand it when they could easily have indoor plumbing.

Chicka said...

I could not even imagine. It's colder than a witch's tit over here too (one of my father's favorite expressions. Exactly how cold is a witch's tit?)

Larry said...

I know a family whose shower is located in their dairy barn. The toilet is in the unheated part of the house.

Yeah, that does not sound fun.

Melody said...

Gives new meaning to FREEZE your ass off!

Mike Todd said...

The screamin' frickin' twirlies! I'm using that expression for the rest of my life.

Sharpie said...

Cold all the way around. It was 0 here yesterday - but with the wind chill they were estimating -17 below.

So much for making the kids wait for the bus outside. They were bundled to the nines and SWEATING before they left for school. LOL.

Marie said...

I'm usually pretty hearty when it comes to the cold. A few weeks ago, the family was up at Sunday River and went outside without a coat to watch my youngest during her first ski lesson. A woman looked at me in shock and said, "You have no coat on? Aren't you cold? Where are you from?"

I'm from Maine, tourist lady--a tough chick.

When it gets as cold as its been up here lately, I say screw toughness.

It's been a freaky winter of extremes--way above average or below. Whatever happened to temps in the 20s-30s? Moderation? Not this year.

Cailyn, it seems, has inherited the tough chick genes. "Mom, it's not cold..."

Yet, I still make her wear the hat, coat and mittens.

What a bitch LOL

Spring is coming soon. We can get through it together!

Oh, and as for the outhouse, I just shake my head at that. I was certainly born in the right century.

Have a great day and stay warm!

Beth said...

Sheri, we've hit a cold snap also. Over a week ago, our power went out for the entire day and deep into the night. The power company said it could take days to fix. We had to go outside to ... ahem ... go to the bathroom and my God, if I wasn't a germaphobe, I would've hugged my toilet when the lights came back on.

Being without makes you appreciate everything.

Lu said...

being cold just plain ole sucks....whether you are a forefather or a 21st century couch potato!! haha

Heidi said...

LOL you make some excellent points there, sheri! diarrhea and outhouses... they don't seem to go together very well, do they?