Sunday, January 29, 2006

Say-It Sunday #8

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. said...

You can't stop at just one! LOL. Hope you nad fun with Hannah today!

Sarah said...

ONE munchkin...LOL.

Hey, a 55 minute workout deserves a few munchkins.

Julie said...

So funny Sheri! That's why I NEVER workout...the food is always within reach after and I have no willpower when it comes to grabbing that last reese cup.
Good for you to work out for 55 minutes though. Every little bit helps your heart, even if the munchkins didn't help the waistline. Enjoy the rest of your week with Hannah. Are you missing him yet? LOL

FunkyB said...

I hate it when those stupid donuts just JUMP in my mouth without my permission. Stupid donuts.

Heidi said...

you're not alone... munchkins have that same effect on me, sheri.

good job on your workout! I wouldn't let a coupla munchkins ruin the fact that you dragged your bootay to the gym. you should be proud of yourself for giving your body a workout. I am! :)

sherry said...

Jelly are my fave, personally.

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