Monday, January 02, 2006

1st Post of 2006

Happy 2006!

Gary and Hannah got up early today to go ice fishing. Gary has a friend who has a house on a lake and always has a few holes drilled for a little action. Hannah was very excited to go because she has a mission today. Gary's friend is dog sitting for his son. It's a spastic yellow lab puppy names Cyrus and Hannah has been enlisted to calm that beast. She's got a tennis ball with her, a pocket full of doggie treats, her sled and a body full of 7 year old energy that we adults can only envy.

Yesterday, we went to the Evil Empire to get some ice cleats. This little trip brought on the first argument of 2006 between Gary and I. See, we went there a few weeks ago to pick up a couple stocking stuffers. As usual, we HAD to stroll through sporting goods because, well.... we always have to. They had a huge display of cleats... actually 2 different kinds. One that you slip on the bottom of your boots and it has cleats in the toe area only. The other one you strap on the entire bottom of your boot and has cleats the whole length. Gary wanted the more expensive, whole boot one and of course we were not at the store to buy cleats so I said no. "Come on Gary - we are here to buy Christmas stuff not ice cleats. Can't you wait a couple weeks and get them after Christmas?" I asked him. "I don't want to Sheri," he said. "They probably won't have them in a couple weeks." "For Christ sakes, Gary, this is Maine in January! Of course Walmart is going to have ice cleats for sale. " So he relents and I won that one. However, yesterday the Evil Empire only had the toe ones. Oh all that is Holy, why did I not let him get the cleats when he wanted to? After much vein-popping frustration, he bought the cheaper ones.... promising to curse me every step he took on the ice in peril because he didn't have the cleats he wanted. Oh well.... such is life.

Walmart was having huge sales. I mean HUGE. There were pallets all around the store. Most of them were empty, due to buyers grabbing up the incredible savings, but most of the sale signs were still up. WAS $98.22 NOW $4.48 proclaimed one of them on an empty pallet. Another sign claimed WAS $59.62 NOW $2.19 What could this have been? A hundred dollar item for less than $5? A $60 item less than $3? Is this the type of mark-up we consumers are dealt?

One of my blogging resolutions for this year is going to be to try and blog more. I really enjoy taking a half hour each day to read all the blogs on my Blogroll and I am thrilled when there are new posts to read. Even if it's a short one.... it makes no difference to me. So... that being said, I'm going to try and write more. Are there any ideas or questions you would like to know? This would help give me some ideas to write about. Otherwise, you're stuck with what I think up.


ccw said...

Is it wrong that I laughed that on January 1 you and Gary already managed your first fight? Although, it does not sound like a fight, more like one of those things that he can mention every year for the rest of his life when he wants to buy an unneccesary item ahead of time.

Happy New Year! I love your blog and will enjoy reading all that you post.

Melody said...

Don't you hate it when then men in you life can say 'I told you so'? Hope Gary and Hannah have a fun filled day on the ice. Happy New Year!

. said...

It is addicting this blogging thing isn't it? 30 minutes to read you rblog roll? wow I am inpressed. I takes me 2 hrs!

Heather said...

Heh Sheri! My first blog comment of 2006 :). Hope its going to be a good one!!

My hubby detests Walmart (and shopping in general). I feel your pain though! I would have said to wait too! :)

Julie said...

Happy 2006 Sheri. I'm glad to hear you will be posting more often...I love what you write about. The sales at walmart do seem to be plentiful this time of'd think that the retailers would just leave us alone after the thousands of dollars that we just spent for the holidays! ARGH!
I spent today shopping for...get this...gloves and ear warmers. I went EVERYWHERE looking for them and found none! I did find a pair at Olympis Sports...Swany Gloves in the perfect color for only $29.95! Yes that's right...for GLOVES! Needless to say they were left at the store. There's no way in hell I'm going to shell out $60 for gloves for Kristen and I. I came back to town and went to Reny's and found something "suitable" until I can find what I'm looking for. I hope this isn't setting the tome for the coming year! I'm starting it off a bit frustrated. Anyway, I hope Gary and Hannah have a blast on the ice today and make sure you have that cocoa ready when they get's cold out there! Luvs and Kisses to All!