Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Sheri's Movie Review

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Um,.....hello?... Is this on? Welcome to my world today. First of all, I would like to thank my readers for returning here to Deerledge and not getting pissed off when they find that I didn't post a new post AGAIN. What is wrong with me, you ask? Well, if I could find the little fucker that has wound time into hyper-fast mode I would kick his ass. I read something one time about how time really is perceived as moving faster when you get older. You remember how when you were younger Christmas seemed to take forever to get here? Or the last day of school? Living to experience future things seems to make time go slower. Whereas, if I think about things I have done whether they are last week or 20 years ago... time seems to go faster. Does this make sense? Well, for now on, I am going to try and anticipate things like a kid to try and slow time down... join me won't you? Maybe if we all try this, Father Time will get the hint.

Last night we ordered a pay per view movie on our Direct TV. I have to tell you that we are loving this new service. Our cable service we had before (to remain nameless but it starts with an A and ends with an A) didn't have all day rentals of movies. So, if we ordered a movie... we best be sitting down to watch it RIGHT THEN. If the phone rang or someone had to use the bathroom, we just missed those moments of the movie. Anyhoo.... with DirectTV, when you buy a movie you buy it for 24 hours. You can watch it non stop for 24 hours or start it and then finish it later. It's very cool. The movie we ordered was The Interpreter and it was okay. It was suspensful and had a good story line. The only thing that drove me absolutely ape-shit throughout the movie were Nicole Kidman's bangs hanging in her eyes. For the love of God, couldn't a wardrobe person have handed here a fifty cent barrette or something? a hair clip? a friggin' bobby pin? I mean REALLY.

I've seen the trailers for the movie The Family Stone. I'm kind of torn about it because I've read so many good/bad reviews. Everything from this: "The Family Stone is one of the most unpleasant movies I have ever seen. All the actors did fine jobs, but the plot was so incredible and frustrating that had I not been sitting in the middle of a crowded theater I would have left mid-way through. The story centers around Christmas at the Stone family home. One of the Stone brothers brings his girlfriend home to spend Christmas and the days preceding it at his parents home, where she will meet his entire family (parents and four siblings) for the first time. They dislike the girlfriend immediately, and the great majority of the movie is spent on the many ways in which the family makes her feel unwelcome and excluded. Even the arrival of the girlfriend's sister, who came to offer her support, does not provide any relief to the girlfriend, as her sister is so unhelpful that it is impossible to believe that they actually grew up together and have affection for one another. The Family Stone is just unfortunate, and does no credit to the talented cast. "

To this: "This is a sentimental and delightful holiday tale of family....but isn't that exactly what you'd expect from a holiday film? The story hold would hold up even if it weren't set in the holiday period. The story is about a large family gathering at Christmas with secrets revealed and lots of love to go around. What I liked most is how well the ensemble cast works - each character blends wonderfully and is superbly cast; each actor gets a moment to shine...the story moves forward and unfolds well with laughs and tears. Sarah Jessica Parker does a great job creating a nervous quirky character that becomes more at ease with herself - I think it's her best work (I never really like Sex and the City) she is funny, warm and totally inhabits the character, who evolves before our eyes. A fun film and worth seeing. The cast includes Dianne Keaton, Rachel McAdams, Dermot Mulroney, Craig T. Nelson, Luke Wilson and Claire Danes.All do great jobs to this good story. "

I mean, really, what am I supposed to think about this movie? I guess what I'm thinking is that any movie about a large family, with many diversities that get together and sparks start to fly will make me feel right at home with my own.


Melody said...

There are days that I feel like I'm living that movie "The family stone". I don't think that any of hubby's family really likes me...oh well...whoa is me. I was extremely confused by the Interpreter....I think it's on of those movies that you really have to watch several times to 'get it', or maybe I'm just slow or something. does go by too damned quickly. is less then 3 weeks away...i am so NOT READY!!!!!!!

ccw said...

Have yet to watch "The Interpreter" but it is on our cable on-demand. I hate our cable so I refuse to give them any more money.

As for the "Family Stone" I think it looks cute, but I haven't been in an actual theater for so long that I don't know if I remember how to act, so I will probably have to wait for video.

And yes, time moves much faster when you are an adult.

FunkyB said...

If the reviews are mixed, you have to go see it and do one of your own (which of course saves your readers from possibly wasting $7.50 on their ticket).

. said...

I agree on the time thing. I remember Christmas taking forever to arrive and then the night before...I tossed and turned all night thinking Christmas morning would NEVER arrive.

Congrats on the DTV. Our cable co offers the same service though. We order and then can pause, rewind...rewatch etc, for 24 hrs...your cable provider needs to get with the program.

Can't comment on either movie since I have not seen them but I think we are going to go see Brokeback Mountain Friday night...probably not a movie for you and your husband though.

lime said...

my theory on time is this......when you are 5 years old a year is one fifth of your whole life! when you are 35 it is only on thirty-fifth of your whole life. segments of time just become smaller and smaller fractions of our lives. for what it's worth. maybe my mind is just skewed. i've been told that before

Mike Todd said...

We just rented that movie last weekend -- I'd agree with your review. Maybe her bangs were like that so we'd talk about that instead of why the hell anyone would discuss an assassination plot in the general assembly room at the U.N. I still don't get it.

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