Thursday, December 01, 2005

Gay Bone

Just wanted to get a few things of my chest here. First of all, I would like to give myself a hearty pat on the back. I had a follow-up appointment with my doctor today regarding some bloodwork and I am happy to report I've lost 5 lbs! This might not seem like alot to some of you but holy shit.... every single doctor appointment I've had in the last 3 years has seen a weight gain. I'm not kidding either. It might have been only a pound or two and sometimes it was alot more but this time was a loss. A big fat 5lb. The equivalent to a bag of bread flour and I DID IT! Motivation to keep going to the gym and cutting calories is at an all time high right now! My bloodwork came back a little screwy and they are going to re-check it in February. My fasting bloodsugar was a little high but not enough to cause alarm.

Gary is in a quandry right now and I feel so bad for him. An issue has arisen in the Federation that he feels strongly about. I can't go into details because I don't' know all the facts but the short of it is Gary spoke up against the majority and as a result.... has pissed off some higher ups and lost his newly acquired Tournament Director position. He says he's ok with that but I can tell it's bothering him. I have a hard time understanding how someone can be punished for speaking their opinion. The position was an appointed one and Gary's opinion is not the same as the person who appointed him so..... he UN-appointed him in the Donald Trump fashion of YOU'RE FIRED.

Over at Scotty's the drama continues. It seems that two of the guys are getting in a tizzy over readers/comments and another guy. The women who read Scotty's blog and comment were called the Fag Hag Army. For some reason this struck me as funny. I'm a Fag Hag! Ok fine, I admit it. I get along with the gay men very well. Is this so wrong? My man, Gary, is so straight it's scary. I don't think he has a gay bone in his body. Wait a minute.... he does have a fetish about dishes. He loves sets of dishes and collects them. Should I be worried? Is this dish fetish going to lead somewhere? Or am I just going to find myself having a huge yardsale someday... selling sets of dishes at ridiculously low prices? I guess it should be a comfort to know that if 83 people wanted to eat at my house, I would have enough dishes for everyone.


ccw said...

Yeah for your weight loss! I dreaded the scale this morning after Vegas and Thanksgiving. Only 4 pounds, which puts me on track for gaining about 900 pounds before I deliver.

Sorry about the situation with Gary, that is unfortunate.

I will have to check out the drama at Scotty's, my life has been rather normal and routine lately; I could use some drama. I am also a "fag hag". Gay men love me and my mother. Do you think it's genetic?

Heather said...

Yeah for the 5lbs!!! Excellent - I know how hard it is. Keep it up!

Sorry about Gary - so much for freedom of speech eh??!?

Melody said...

Whoo hoo on the 5 lb go girl!!!! Sorry to hear of Gary un-appointment..that really sucks. I guess that I'm a fag hag too...sweet! Gary collects dishes? Wow...that really caught me off guard...does he have pink, silky undies too? LOL

Chicka said...

WOOHOO! You go on the weight! (Hey, I've got about 50 to lose, so if you can find a way, I'll let you lose my 50 for me!)

Mean people suck. I'm a Fag Hag, too! And those who are terrified and have to speak out against are just really afraid of the homosexual tendencies in themselves. Bwa ha haaaaaaa. Oh sweet, sweet justice.

Sleepingmommy's hubby sews (I hear SD also cooks, so we're gonna have to get SM's secret!), and I have a VERY manly man friend who does quilting BEAUTIFULLY, so hey, no worries.

Sandi said...

Fag Hag is a good term, sometimes, and there has to be some gay in Gary or it wouldn't run in the family. LOL
Not to mention some of his friends are suspect. LOL

Jack said...

Congrats on the 5 pounds. It's nice to go to a doctor and get good news.

When I read that post about your husband using his sleeve to wipe his bum in the woods I never would have thought that he would collect anything like kitchenware.
I guess we're all a lot more complicated than we first appear.

FunkyB said...

Congrats on the five pounds! You GO!

Scotty has long known not to refer to me as a fag hag. I am, instead, his Fairie Princess.

On a totally unrelated note, my husband is obsessed with Pottery Barn. You are not alone.

. said...

I think EVERY man has some ounce of gay gene in em...however those of us who carry the gay car got doles out a LITTLE too much and tip the scale the other way! I wouldn't worry too much.

You DID realize that the war was tongue in cheek...right? lol.

Robin despises the term fag Hag so I call her a "Fairy" princess! She likes that one much better!

. said...

BTW, I couldn't help but notice you DO have quite a few gaybois on your blog roll...I'm just sayin...

Anonymous said...

Sheri, I'm baaaaack! Sort of, anyway...

When I read about you having enough dishes for 83 people, I laughed out loud.... When you have the yard sale, will you call me? It may be hard to get there from WV, but for dishes at ridiculously low prices? I'm there, baby!

I got an offline message from you on my yahoo yesterday, but my computer decided to be a bitch, and I didn't get to read it before it was deleted. But I wanted to let you know I am OK, and sorry that I haven't been online for awhile.

I keep trying to be somebody's fag hag, but nobody likes me anymore... hahahahaha


lime said...

congrats on the weight loss! feels good doesn't it?

as for punishment for speaing your mind , ih hubby is suffering for it this year. he';s a teacher and got transferred to the least desirable position in his department because he dared to tell it like it is. not a happy boy. i hope things work out ok for gary.

Larry said...

I don't think I would want people calling me a "fag hag". Then again, I'm probably old-fashioned for still thinking "fag" is a derogatory thing to call someone. That might also have something to do with why this fag doesn't have any fag hags. maybe I could put up flyers all over town. In my conservative christian little hamlet that should go over real well :)