Thursday, October 06, 2005

Columbus sailed the ocean blue...

This weekend is Columbus Day weekend and we are hitching up the camper and heading out to Point Sebago. The weather is supposed to be real rainy... a typical N'oreaster blowing through, so I packed a little extra Rum for me and Jack for Gary to help us get through it. Other than that, I've got chopsuey, booze, homemade bread, bacon and eggs, more homemade bread, more booze, baked beans, porkchops and more booze. I think we'll be ok.

I don't have alot to post about today but wanted to touch on a few things from this week.

1. I have a cyberfriend that I am breathing a sigh of relief for. She's been through A LOT with her husband (he's such a JERK) and things are starting to look better for her. I can't tell you how worried I've been that something bad was going to happen to her. Her husband seems that volatile. Please keep her in your prayers.

2. Hannah now has her own email. My sister, Lakefairy Sue wrote a post about it that's really cute. Hannah loves getting email and it takes her forever to painfully type out each reply letter by herself. As she learns to spell better, her letters might make more sense!

3. I've discovered that my husband's snoring is really bad. He snores on the inhale AND the exhale so it's one continuous grating noise. I've never known anyone to snore like that. I think he's doing it on purpose to piss me off. I tried to put a pillow over his face the other night to try and get him to roll over AND STOP IT but he just woke up and accused me of trying to smother him. wtf?? Why would he think that?

4. I apologize to my male readers but I've got to say this... is my husband the only gross one when he sleeps? Are all men like this... or did I pick the special one? Gone are the days of our early marriage where my man slept with his Roman God-like features shining in the moonlight, eyes closed, lips slightly parted while his gentle, fresh smelling breath wafts through the hair at the nape of my neck while his strong arms envelope me in safety. Now, 22 years later... I have a hard time finding the words to describe it. He still likes to cuddle when he sleeps but now it seems smothering.... with snoring, farting and stomach making noises... and the fresh breath... well I don't know what happened to that. All I can say is... thank God I'm perfect huh? lol

I'll be sure to bring my camera to the campground and will photo-document the trip to share with you all. Have a great weekend everyone!


Cigamybab said...

Wazz up Graat Blog


(____ /.............(_____)

Julie said...

Have a great weekend Sheri and we'll catch up when you get back.
As for the gross husband...mine is pretty gross too. I don't know how many time he snores on the intake and farts on the exhale...I've resorted to beating him in his sleep. He doesn't like getting woke up that way but it gets the point across. FRESH BREATH? Hubby has never had fresh breath. I used to pop in one of the breath strips while he was sleeping and that didn't even help. He didn't like that much either. Now he rolls over back to to me and we sleep happily ever after...
take lots of pics this weekend and drink a rum for me...I have to play mom all weekend while hubby works so no rum here. Bye!

Sue said...

You forgot the ass scratching. And the arm flinging. And the toe nail scrapes.
Why do we want men around anyway?

Stephany said...

Oh am i ever glad to know my husband isn't all that he snores soooooo loud inhale and exhale. men are the grosses species alive I do believe..

Dave said...

yeah that does seem to fade with time doesn't it I know just want you mean. he he just smuther him with teh pillow it will be less to deal with later :-)

Tammy said...

Hope you have a great weekend... sounds like you have plans to stay "toasty" one way or the other!!!! It's Thanksgiving here in Canada this weekend so we'll be celebrating too, although snug and warm in my inlaws farmhouse!!! Enjoy your weekend!

. said...

We are camping this weekend too. I think the thing with the husband is that it was all there before but LOVE blinded you...just my 2 cents worth!

Beth said...

Sheri, sometimes I feel like we're living parallel lives. Minus the cool stuff you do. The sleeping husband though, I get it!

Chicka said...

Damn, I thought you were talking about me in #1! Keeping good thoughts for her.

And not to defend gross husbands, but the snoring is most likely obstructive apnea. He really needs to get a sleep study for it. (In some cases, it CAN cause death. Ask me how I know!)

I'm on the CPAP for apnea and I tell you we all sleep a lot better at night now! NO more complaints about me snoring and I don't stop breathing 167 times per night (that's, on average 3 times per minute).

Is he a cranky ass bastard? Does he have a weight problem? Does he generally feel worn down in spite of 8-12 hours of solid "sleep"?

Even if you answered no to the above, I'd stil bet my life on apnea (HAH! If you only knew how ironic that statement is).

Get him to the sleep center NOW!

Chicka said...

Oh, and have to add in to gross husbands - it's pretty bad when you have to remind them to shower, beg them to brush their teeth and when they have a broken front tooth and don't get it fixed.

I'm just saying. (Happy Anniversary to me. I think he brushed his teeth today!)

Lauren said...

ROFL about the husband stuff. Honestly, mind din't snore when we first met - but then he's also gained about 50 pounds in the last 6 years and snores HORRIBLY now (in fact, he's doing it right now in front of the tube). He's a veritable symphony of bodily noises now... snorting, snoring, farting and belching. Ah... how romantical.


Lauren said...

Holy cow! I can't spell today... my apologies for the above affronts to Mirriam Webster. ;o)

Kim said...

There should be a gross husbands' olympics. Mine would definately medal. If I could harness his noxious fumes, I'd save hundreds on my gas bill. men.

Tatiana said...

Thinking about your friend and wishing her well.

dfhntryherh said...

Sheri, I'm ok, but he stole my computer.

I'm at work right now, although I'm not getting anything done.

Not such a great weekend, although my daughter came home with me when we went up to see her Friday. She just left an hour ago, and everything faded back to grey when she walked out the door.

I don't know when or even IF I'll get the computer back.

Thank you so much for being my friend, Sheri.