Sunday, September 04, 2005

Sunday Summary

I guess I'm discovering that unless I write everyday, I'm losing readers. Hmmmmm - that is disturbing to me because I really try to think about different things to write about and usually come up empty-minded. You probably would rather have me rant and rave about the political shit-storm that the fiasco aftermath of Katrina is going to rain down on all of us or I could show you a picture of us camping in our driveway. We couldn't find a site that we liked at the last moment on Labor Day weekend (yeah - we are like that sometimes) so we said "what the hell, let's camp out at home." A quick trip to the local police station obtained us a burn permit and after throwing some rocks in a circle, we had fire ring complete with a blaze going. We mixed up some Sea Monsters. If you haven't had a Sea Monster... get with the program:

2 oz of Hpnotiq
2 oz Malibu Coconut Rum
splash of pineapple.

Yes, they put you on your ass after a couple! Ok, so we had the Sea Monsters, CD's playing, Hannah jumping around acting like a dog and hungry mosquitoes biting us. It was perfect until our cat Blue decided he had seen enough foolishness for one evening and inflicted the demon cat eyes from Pet Semetary on us.

The news coverage from Katrina really bothers me too. Yes, I know it took days for help to get there in quantities enough to be really noticed. But that certainly doesn't mean that NO HELP was there at all. My friend Gina's husband has been busting his ass off for the city of N.O since before the storm hit. She posted days before the actual storm how they had been warned to be prepared if they chose not to evacuate. To make sure they had tools in their attics to cut their way out of their home if need be, to have extra food and water on hand to take care of their families. The CDC site for Emergency Preparedness states to have a 3-5 days food/water supply on hand. Maybe this is because in the case of a huge disaster, mobilize and getting help into those areas might take this long? I have no idea. All I know is that there ARE people helping and HAVE BEEN helping. But, what are you going to watch on tv, some people screaming about the lack of help, a close to death rescue, blood, shootings etc.. or are you going to watch the Army Corps building roads and boating in supplies. I think it's human nature to turn towards the suffering to feel compassion and want to help because if we force ourselves to watch those who don't want to be helped or have been helped, the feeling of impatience can start to set in. I hope I'm explaining this in a way that doesn't sound cruel. Maybe I better just write another check to the Red Cross instead of trying to explain my feelings about this. Don't' want to piss anyone off.

On a lighter note, we went on a picnic yesterday with Mrs. Pugsly. She got all gussied up in her best for it too! She was hoping you don't notice the Christmas tablecloth we had to use because t's all we could find on short notice. Really, that's not strange is it? Am I the ONLY one still occasionally vacuuming up pine needles from LAST Christmas? Jeesh - I hope not.

The day was picture perfect and the frogs were out in full force. Hannah tried to catch one but didn't have any luck. So, she ended up just posing with Mrs. Pugsly.


mainiax said...

I'm still here reading. Your lucky I'm not sure if I even have more than 10 readers but I write more for me anyways.
If you ever head to funtown or old orchard give me a heads up we are almost across the street from funtown.
I cant wait till next Saturday opening day for bow season. We are going to site the rifles tomorrow we wont have anytime later it will all be spent in the tree stands.

Sandi said...

I sometimes hate blogger:( I had this big long comment, and blogger ate it.

Sandi said...

Basically I said, I agree with you, but I still want answers. Do you read Cyli's site? I respect and admire the people that are and have been working on the ground since day -2, but I still question the need for it to take so long to get additional relief to the area. This rescue workers need rest too.
Law and order can be had without additional bloodshed, or so I believe.

Anyway, it looks like you had a great weekend, and don't worry if you get some negative feedback, they will all comeback to continue to read your posts. Because we all still love ya. :)

3outta5 said...

Sheri.... I almost didn't read what you had to day about the hurricane stuff because I was sure that we were going to be on oposing sides..... but then you said exactly what I thought. I'm SO ANGRY about so many things that I can't even blog about it, post about it, etc. It has really pissed me off in a MAJOR WAY. BIG TIME. In fact I had better stop now, as so far, from what I can gather, about 2 people agree with me in our circle of boards. And they don't dare post.

Beth said...

I don't think it's you. It's the holiday weekend, if anything. I've had my father in the hospital so have been MIA, which I know you understand!

. said...

LOL>..we camped this weekend too. I like your camper...we are pop-up queens!

Looks like Miss Pugsley had a very nice time as well.

Melody said...

I am still finding pine needles too...does that mean I should clean more often? NOT!

Tammy said...

Sheri, I still read as much as I can, not every day, but when I have a sec you are the first place I turn. ((((Hugs)))) Now, to get my blogging butt back into gear.

Love, love, love the camping in your driveway thing! You are my kinda girl! Make lemonade!!!!!

As for your comments on NO and the preparedness of the people who decided to stay, I tend to feel the same as you. I am so deeply saddened by the loss of life there, the agony of time without help but... why weren't they better prepared personally for a possible delay in relief? I know, people will say, well, they couldn't be/not financially stable...didn't expect it, and I know there are exceptions, but having lived in tornado alley most of my life, we were taught at a very young age to have 3-5 days worth of supplies in THE safe place in order to survive should there be a situation where we couldn't go anywhere/help couldn't get in. ANd tornadoes aren't'd have to be even more aware on a flood plane, at least IMO. There is a level of personal responsibility that has to be taken. Again, jmo...

And the news coverage it frustrating...gotta get the most sensational footage on the air, the most controversial statements etc. Where it the REAL news???

Sorry I turned your comments into my rant station... maybe I should go find my own spot to do this huh???

Heather said...

Looks like you had a fun weekend, even if it was in your drive way :)!!

I know what you mean about the blogging thing. It's hard to keep up though sometimes - trying to read the ones we want to read, then write our own entries! :)

Chicka said...

I check in a couple times a week. To be honest, I've been avoiding Katrina posts on most blogs. I don't get into much of the political crap either, so I just try to skip it. (Sometimes I lurk and don't post a comment on those blogs though).

You know we love ya, baby. And tell Hannah better luck next time on the froggits. We loves us some froggits. Ribbit.