Sunday, September 11, 2005

Green Thumb Envy

My town is very pretty. It's full of old seas captain's homes with those widow-walks on the tops of them. Many of the homes have small English gardens or terraces with wrought-iron furniture on them. I'm very envious on anyone with well established flower gardens at their home. Gary & I cleared our own land for our house and had fill brought in. Of course, being the spend-thrifts that we are and being totally broke building this house, we opted for the cheapest fill known to modern man.... sand. Now, we live to regret it as NOTHING will grow in the acid, claylike spectacle that we call a yard. So, I spend alot of time admiring other people's fruits of their labor. I've been keeping an eye on these hanging plants quite regularly. When the owner hung them up in the early summer I thought they were beautiful, but I didn't think they would stay looking that good very long. Here it is Sept 11th and they still look fabulous, although they are at least 4 times bigger than they started out. There is no way I could keep a hanging plant looking that good. Gary bought me one for Mother's Day and by the 4th of July, it looked pitiful. I hate to water anything and by the time I remember to, they are gasping for their last breath and it's too late.

Also, in my trips around town, I discovered this little garden. I call it a zen place but because it's very peaceful. The owner of this garden has painstakingly stripped the rocks and put river rocks in paths, surrounded by different kinds of moss. If I only had the drive to do something like this.

Down the road a bit we have this tree which is one of the gnarliest, freakiest trees I've ever seen. I swear it looks like a monster of some sort.

Scotty has been talking about linking and de-linking. It's certainly got me thinking about my own blog roll. Do you read every blog linked on yours? I can honestly say that every blog I've linked to I visit at least once a week. One thing I really enjoy and utilize is the "new! and updated!" feature of Blogrolling. This way I can know who has made a new post and I'm SURE to go read those. So, be sure you've got the NOTIFY WEBLOGS feature of your blog activated! You can find it under your blog settings. I've also changed my list to put at the top those who have the most updated blog, including comments. Some of the blogs on my list I read everyday and comment regularly on them (you lucky devils know who you are!)


Sleeping Mommy said...

What gorgeous gardens...

Someday I will have the time (and money) to really put into a garden.

I dream of that day.

Cindy said...

I love those hanging plants.

I have a black thumb. I kill everything. And I live next to super green thumb man who has nothing better to do than to water his lawn and pick out weeds.

I planted flowers this year, but only some of them came in. I want to have the pretty yard with all the pretty flowers, but watering everything is just such a chore. and it's hot outside! Sheesh! :)