Monday, September 19, 2005

Fishing for a goodtime

I checked my site meter this weekend. I wanted to see how people were finding me. Yeah and kudos for my friends Melody and Scott. Many, many people have come to my blog through links on theirs. Thanks guys! I also found the list of search words or terms that are used to find my blog. Some of them I found to be.... well.... a little disturbing. Check these out:

  • I Hate Bratz (well, I do. I hate those stupid lips they have)
  • Garcia's Matamoras (awesome place to go and eat at the border town in Mexico)
  • funny boat pictures (huh? why would someone want these?)
  • john deere flag (show your patriotic colors!)
  • peeing in an outhouse (I swear, I DI NOT give any tips on this!)
  • pictures of greyhounds in a sombrero (I can only say... wtf????)
  • Could you please pass the jelly? (and you all thought I was strange??)
  • what will happen if you (I wasn't aware of this site... were you?)
  • hemi mudflaps (NOW we're talkin'!)
  • constipation (really... do we have to get that personal?)
  • foot abscess (eeeewwww)

Ok, now that we've got that vitally important info out of the way, I'm going to tell you about the biggest thing to hit Maine since, well..... I don't know what. It's the BASS Federation Eastern Divisionals and they are coming to a town near you! Read about it here. Gary is beside himself with anticipation of doing nothing but eating, talking, sleeping and breathing fish for 3 solid days. Unfortunately, he did not make this year's state team so he's not competing, BUT because he is an officer, he's been delegated to Traffic Control. Oh sweet Jesus... have these people not read my blog? Do they not know what a little power does to this man? He has to be at the launch site at 3:30a.m (yes, you read that right... a.m.. as in crack of butt-dawn), with his little reflector vest on AND a flashlight to direct with. When we were in the Navy, Gary worked on the flight-line directing training fighter jets and helicopters. He knows all those little hand directing movements and I can assure you that they will be incorporated into his vehicle maneuvering motions and God help the ones who don't understand what all those flailing arms mean. He'll be barking out orders like General Patton and lending a deaf ear to any excuses. He takes his fishing VERY seriously.

The selection for next year's state team is done in a 2 round fish-off, with the best 12 becoming the team. Gary passed the first round, finishing in 8th place and now will advance to the 2nd round, which is a 2 day event next weekend. Next year's divisionals are on Lake Champlain in Vermont. In October he is going to Lake Erie to fish the Angler's Choice Regionals , which he and his partner are 5th place. Oh yes, my husband loves his fishing. I guess he certainly could have worse hobbies?


Lu said...

just so you know..i visit you regularly...i guess i am a lurker...i dont always comment because...well...i am weird like that! ;)

Melody said...

So I guess that you are kinda a "fish" sad...or how lucky? You get to pick.

amyleroy said...

Gary is such a riot. Hopefully he will make the cut for next year's state team.

He looks so much like Marvin.

Sandi said...

Yep, that sounds like Gary. I feel sorry for any newbies that haven't met him. Tell him to take two shots of Jack right before the first fishermen show up.

Stephany said...

I have been a blog follower of your for a while and i just never had the time to really sit down and figure out how do get a blog site and get a name and all that i just dicided i was gonna do that today..I enjoy your blogs very much Sheri!! sometimes I haveing a horrible day and sit down and read some of your stories and i just laugh my ass off. Thanks for the laughs :-)

Heather said...

Melody's got it widow :) Too funny.

BTW, there isn't much I'd get up to do at 3:30am, so he must really like it!

Eileen said...

I'm right there with you on the Bratz dolls. Sami already knows I won't have them in our house so she'd better not ask for one. Nice to know I'm not the only Anti-Bratz mom ;-)

Kerry said...

HI Sheri! I live very near Lake Champlain. If he makes the team next year, will you come with him to the tournament? Could that be a chance for us to meet face to face?