Saturday, August 06, 2005

Some Days Are Better Than Others

Today was a good one. Gary & John fished on Great Pond and totally kicked ass with 1st Place!. A five fish limit and they had over 16lb. A nice kreel and $1100 to boot. Gary went on to tell me how frustrated he was because he broke off on 3 huge fish. I'm just thankful his frustration didn't result in rods n'reels going overboard (it's happened before, believe me). John caught the lunker of the day... a 6.75lb largemouth. Sometimes, it's good for them to have a great day fishing like that. Boosts their confidence and also the money helps pay for the 'hobby' of fishing. I read somewhere once that a boat is a hole in the water that you keep throwing money into. Well, I can attest to that and they are not kidding. Between the boat, the house and the vehicles, we are always putting money into something for some reason.

Went to the spawn of Sam Walton today and enjoyed it about as much as getting my gums scraped. Hannah had received a gift card for her birthday from there and I promised her we could go today. I'm sorry if this offends those of you who like that place but I truly can not stand it. I guess one of my biggest issues with the place (after trying to find a parking spot & buggy) is trying to get someone to answer a question or help you find something. You'd think that an employee might ask once in a while "Can I help you?" Instead, if I look around they are scurrying out of sight or saying "sorry, not my department" and then making a run for it. Gary always tells me to start stuffing items in my pocket and someone will be there real quick! I hate the bagging carousels that they put the stuff in and spin to get the next empty bag. I'm trying to take the full bags off and they are spinning the fucking thing out of my reach. If I don't take the bags off, I get the stink-eye from Cassie cashier as she flings my stuff at me. Drives me nuts. I'm forever fighting the tiny aisles with my buggy, smashing into stuff or other people. I spend half my time in there saying 'excuse me' or 'oh, I'm sorry'. The only saving grace for this store is that the fishing department is always decent and we get Hannah's glasses at the Vision Center. The commercials on tv for this place make me so mad, because they make it look like a great place to go. Maybe we just have the world's most unfriendly one.

However, at the other place they have these bright, red phones around the store. If you need help, pick one up and a real person, Mr. Nice Voice asks "How can I help you?" So, I say "oh, ah... um ... sorry to bother you but I am looking for the Q-tips? I thought they might be near the baby stuff? Can you help me?" Mr. Nice Voice says, "Stay there ma'am. An associate will be right over to help you!" Suddenly, over the loud speaker I hear General George Patton.

"ATTENTION TARGET ASSOCIATES!! We have a CODE RED in Health & Beauty. I repeat a CODE RED!! A customer is looking for Q-tips! I repeat...looking for Q-tips! All associates report to battle stations... this is not a drill!"

Like a gift from God, an associate appears and motions for me to follow him. He brings me directly to the Q-tips, smiles and asks "Is there anything else I can help you with?" It's like I died and went to shopping heaven. A couple times I tested them by unfolding a bunch of shirts and walking a couple aisles away and going back a little bit later. Yup, all folded again and neat. How do they do it? Even the clearance racks are always by sizes and not all mish-mashed.

I even think Target's doggie is a cuter mascot than that Yellow Smiley Face guy. Ok, I am getting down off the soapbox now and will leave Wallyworld alone for awhile.


Jenn said...

Sheri, I'm mostly a lurker over at the Sistas and Palp but I had to tell you I laughed out loud at your Wallyworld comments! I had to read it to DH because he asked what I was laughing at. And FWIW, I could't agree more. Mine is just as crowded, unorganized and unfriendly!

Beth said...

I'm not a shopper in any store. I've used the special red phones and been kept waiting. At Wal-Mart, the employees here are just as you described there.

I just hate it, hate it, hate it ... so I completely empathize!

Sandi said...

Damn I guess I have just shopped in WM to much in my life, because when I lived near a Target I never knew you could pick up one of those red phones. I will have to try that one day, if I ever live near a Target again.

Hysterical as usual Sheri.

Cindy said...

I hate Wally World. But they just opened one up about two miles from my house. It's got a good parking lot - so far. I'm sure it will go downhill.

My favorite part about Target is the people stand at the end of their register and ask if I am ready to check out, and then walk back to the register. And I've never waited more than 5 minutes in line at Target.

I think Wally World hires people that Target would not. And that is the difference.

Heather said...

Again,you amaze me at how alike we are. I feel the exact same way as you do about both places. Only problem is that we only has wallyworld to go to until 1 week ago!!! We FINALLY have a Target!! I was so excited. I went there just to walk around in amazement. At the other store the people are rude, and not helpful, Taget, they smile and help you out. I will always go there now. YAY Tatrget!!

P.S. Thanks for everything!!!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. I work for Wally World. I hate it too. The company doesn't know hwo to treat employees and they also are not family oriented. Things changed when they started opening on Sundays. That should show how family we are. But; I'm not making excuses but; there are RUDE Customers. People think they're better than that person that works for the Wally World. People think if you work there you couldn't do any better for your self. I saw your blog flipping through blogs. But; I do agree Wal-Mart isn't very freindly. But; that passes on to their employees and the way they treat them.

Julie said...

Thanks for the chuckle today Sheri. I needed it. I agree with you about Walmart but unfortunately it just makes more sense for us to shop there. WM is only ten minutes away and the closest Target is over an hour. Sucks living in rural, and I mean RURAL, Maine. WM is actually like a second home to me. I am there probably five days out of a week. And that's no joke. It's not that I like it there...I hate shopping as much as anyone. It's just too easy to run there to pick up a few things.
Again, thanks for the heart really did need it.

Chicka said...

LOL @ the evail smiley guy. That just cracked me up.

. said...

That must be Wal-Mart corporate policy...avoid the customer at all cost. We are about to land a Super Center in a year. Already got the site cleared adn signs (Coming soon up)...woo pee. Give me a Tar gee` ANY day baby~

Tatiana said...

Truly is a "heaven shopping experience".

Heather said...

Target Rocks. My favorite store is the Target Supercenter we have a few miles away. However, WM is closer to me, so I tend to go there more often. HATE IT.

My BIL is a manager at one up north and they dicked him around forever until he got his promotion. He's completely loyal though. Bleh.

Sleeping Mommy said...

We are supposed to be finally getting a Target, but it's going to be like five miles outside of town, because the powers that be in the hellhole won't let it in the city limits.

I will be shopping there A LOT. I hate the evil empire.

Tammy said...

Ah WalMart... you made me laugh as I feel the same way. (only up here and at the risk of sounding racist which I am not, I am just speaking the truth, not only are the employees unhelpful, they do it in other languages...)

And to top that off, the
"store with the red phones doesn't exist"... I don't know if Target was banned from going north of the 49th parallel, but just like KC MAsterpiece BBQ sauce and Rotel, it is one of the things I would personally import if I could. I have been known to have convulsions if Dave drives by one when we are in the States. I just have to stop and get my fix.