Sunday, August 14, 2005

I've Got My Dancing Shoes On

I have a post I'm working on for tomorrow but for now, I just wanted you all to know that I'm still around. I went away with my daughter & husband for the weekend to do a job (lots of Blogging fodder there!) and didn't have internet access where I was. I know, I know... come out of the dark ages. Anyway, we got to spend some more time with Melody and her husband Lloyd. We went out to dinner and had a wonderful visit, while my sister, Susan so kindly had Hannah stay with her. The beds we slept in at the hotel were the firmest ever (thus uncomfortable for me) and Gary was snoring so bad, I slept with Hannah, who mysteriously turns in Ginger Rogers AND Fred Astaire in her sleep. Jesus H. Christ do you know what it's like to be continually kicked awake all night?

I was perusing some vintage ads today, which I always get a kick out of and found a couple I wanted to share:

You never see ads like this anymore. Nothing like being really blunt about body size. These men don't see to mind, though. They're farmers and honest as sod. "Howdy there! I'm short and fat!" says one. "Really?" says the other. "Well, I'm tall and fat! How about that?"

The other one I loved was this one: (I hope you can read it!)

Imagine, stale coffee making you snap at your man? I never knew. And here I always thought it was a chemical imbalance brought on by horror-moans surging through my body every 28 days. Geewhiz - what a dingbat I am! I try to make sure (for Gary's sake) that my coffee is always fresh now.

Ahhhhh - if all life's problems could be solved so easily.

**old ads courtesy of lileks


Beth said...

I LOVE vintage ads. Short and fat. LMAO!

Chicka said...

Caffeine... Yes, that will most definitely snap you out of horrormones. Caffeine of the chocolate variety.


. said...

Those were sooooo funny!

Melody said...

Stale coffee...Who knew? My 'snappiness' will be gone forever. NOT.

Heather said...

Those ads are pretty funny. It's amazing to see how much things have changed!

Cindy said...

Have you ever checked out It's a guy in Minnesota and he has old ads. The thing he is working on now is old matchbooks. It's pretty interesting.

Ilaiy said...

That was nice post


melodyann said...

Well, I snap at MY husband because he's an asshole. I'm just sayin'.. It ain't always about the coffee, sheri. hee