Thursday, July 28, 2005

Money To Burn

So, here I am, driving Gary's rolling dumpster work truck on our way to Moosehead. He's ahead of me towing the camper and Hannah is be-bopping to the radio in the seat next to me. We are less than 10 miles from home and a cop passes me headed in the opposite direction. I glance in the mirror and see him whip around and put the blues on and come up behind me. "oh great wtf did I do now?" I say to myself as I pull over and Officer Studly does too. I get my license, registration and proof of insurance to hand to him and roll down my window. "Excuse, ma'am" he says. "Do you know why I pulled you over?" "No, I don't have any idea why you pulled me over" I say back to him. "Your inspection sticker has expired." I glance behind the rear-view mirror and sure enough, it expired in May and here it is July. "Well, it seems you're right. I don't normally drive this truck, it's my husband's rolling dumpster work truck and I hadn't noticed." He takes my paperwork and goes back to his car to run whatever they do back there. APB, warrant searches, I have no idea. Then he comes back with his clipboard. "Oh shit,' I'm thinking, this doesn't look good. He hands me the clipboard as he says. "I am giving you a summons for the violation." "Oh yes, I can see that you are. For an inspection sticker you are going to ticket me?!" I ask incredulously. "Yes, ma'am. We are required to summons if it is over 30 past due." I'm thinking... ok fucktard, just let me sign the ticket and be on my way. He continues... "You might want to have your husband take care of this right away. Keep this ticket copy handy in case you get pulled over again before getting it fixed." "Yes, sir, I will. As soon as he has my left foot surgically removed from his ass on Monday, he'll get it done." yee haw $128 down the tubes, up in flames, out the window... however you say it.

On the drive home, Hannah and I come up behind a few cars and get behind an awesome truck. It's a big, cherry red Dodge hemi with shooting flames on the mudflaps. Dual exhauts and running boards, lots of chrome and a license plate that read GITRDUN. "Oh hell, Hannah, this is gonna be good!" I say to her, "The guy driving this truck is going to GIT ER DONE and get by these old farts in front of him and I'll follow him."

Well, as it turns out GITRDUN couldn't GET OUT OF HIS OWN WAY. The cars in front of him, turned off and he just plodded along. Anytime for the next 40 miles that I came to a place where I could pass him, there would be cars coming in the opposite direction. "Come on GITRDUN!!!" I kept yelling at the truck "GIT OVER AND GIT OUTTA MY WAY!" Hannah thought it was quite funny.

We found a campground about a 90 minute drive north of here that we can set our camper up for the season next summer. We are seriously thinking about doing this although we better start saving our pennies for it. We always go to roughly the same area of the state and Gary does most of his fishing there too... so this would be easier.


Heather said...

Ahhh - so annoying with the sticker. We don't have inspections down here, thank goodness. One more thing for me to forget :).

And, I'm the most impatient driver there is - just ask my husband. I'd have been yelling at the truck too :).

Melody said...

Lloyd used to have a license to inspect cars and I STILL got stopped once for an expired ticket but it was so embarassing.

Sandi said...

Procrastination runs in the family. My sticker was due in april, I finally got it done in june. Damn good thing I was never stopped.
Sorry it cost you money. Down here all you have to do is get the sticker and the court will drop the charge.

Alekx said...

I just got a 125 ticket for expired inspection.
Damn cop I even did my best "when I worked law enforcement" chitter chatter.
He musta been bored cuz he still wrote me up.


Chicka said...

Men. Are. Idiots.
But we already knew that.

Tatiana said...

Oh nooooo, there could not be a "better" way to burn money.
So sorry

Kim said...

~hehe....thanks for the giggle...

Heather said...

Okay, now fucktard has got to be the funniest word ever used!!!

sandegaye said...

Love your blog! Just visiting from Sister-Friends..
I do NOT miss the inspection stickers, since moving to FL.

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