Tuesday, June 28, 2005

It's swimsuit season...

I don't know about the rest of you but I hate wearing a bathing suit. I hate buying a bathing suit and I hate being seen in a bathing suit. I always have. Even as a teenager, when I was of normal size (although in my mind I was HUGE) I hated bathing suits. I know that hate is a strong word and one I try not to use but when it comes to that piece of stretch material...well...all protocol goes out the window. That scream you heard last week was me in the Kohl's dressing room trying on bathingsuit #23 and realizing that no matter what cut, print or fabric the bathing suit has, as long as I have thighs....I will look like a beached seacow. I bought a blue tank suit that I really don't like unless I cut off my legs and arms, than I can live with it. Image hosted by Photobucket.com

After that depressing shopping trip, I came home and looked up (gulp) Plus Size swim suits on the web and Junonia appeared. I liked the site because all the clothes were modeled by plus size women. Not someone a size 6 pretending to be plus-sized. "What the heck, " I thought "I'm not getting smaller right now and it's hot and I want to swim, " and checked out their clearance suits. They had a swimdress which looked cute on the model and I ordered it. It arrived in the mail, I tried it on and I have to say that my swimsuit depression is over. Oh my Lord do I love this suit.
  • It's comfortable...not riding up AT ALL
  • Nothing is bulging out... not even that armpit fat!
  • The top skims over my ENTIRE self...including hips!
  • I think I look good in it... now THAT was hard to write, but I think I do!

If you've never seen this site and you are of the fuller proportions, like myself, I think you'll like it. Give it a try.

So, I take it from my little poll at the top that most of you like the new look to my site. I like it too.


Melody said...

I hate swimsuits too....I've been looking for one with at least 3/4 sleeves and a skirt that comes just below my knees...so far no luck. I'm gonna check out that sight right NOW! Thanks for the tip. And Kudos to you for saying out loud that you like the way you look in that suit...enjoy it.
You change the look of your blog more often then most "men" change their undies...I like it.

Sarah said...

I LOVE the new look!!

Buying swimsuits is a nightmare. I think most women have difficulty, no matter how they look. I am fairly slim, but I still get disgusted when I look in the mirror when trying on swimsuits especially. We are brainwashed...and we never look like the girls in the ads.
The swimdress is the greatest invention. I am all about the little 'boy short' swim bottoms with a tankini top these days. ;-)

Cecily said...

Actually, Melody, there are suits like that-- try googling "modest swimwear" and you'll find it! Seriously.

Swim dresses are the most flattering suits ever! At my weight, they are the only thing that I don't look awful in.

Chicka said...

Oooh, which color did you get?

While I have a lot of black (becuase we all know black is slimming ::snort::), I would have to say I'd even venture into the bluish one in that style if I had the money!

Heather said...

I love it! I bought a similar one a few months ago, but it rides up a little. I'll have to check these out!!!

I HATE buying swimsuits too. Ugh.

Spirit Of Owl said...

A bit rough for a great big Yorkshire bloke to come wading in to your swimsuit discussion, but I felt it was important to put your mind at ease: I will not be wearing trunks for the foreseeable future. So, at least that's one worry out of the way. :)

Sandi said...

Personally I liked the looks of the Aquatard thingy. Never have been one for the skirt thing. I have been heavy most of my life and my mother tried to get me to wear one of those when I was a kid, and to this day I can't look at one and not retch.
But that is only for me, I am glad you like yours though.
So do we get a pic, or what?

Lu said...

i dont even remember the last swimsuit i bought...i am gonna check out that site that you mentioned!

Marie said...

Hi Sheri!

Wow, a Maine-ah! Thanks for stopping by and linking me to your blog. Glad you enjoy it. I'm diggin' yours; it seems we have lots in common!

Looking forward to seeing you on my site and reading more of yours.


Cindy said...

I buy swimsuits with a fluffy skirt at the bottom. I used to think that only old ladies wore these, but I like that it hide my huge butt.

Swimsuits are evil. Evil I tell you.

Tammy said...

I am very sure you will be more stunning than the model. We have to live where we are...learned that lesson the hard way after missing out on alot of life. You inspire me once again to do just that... thanks.

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