Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Dirt Baby & the Piano Man

Image hosted by Photobucket.comA note came home from school a few weeks ago asking for each child to send in a Gatorade bottle, 2 buttons, a sock and a piece of material cut into a kimono dress. The note further stated that the children would be learning about growth and nutrients and to do this they would be constructing the Dirt Baby (!). Hannah picked out some cute bunny material from my mothers endless stash (thanks to her obsession with quilting) and brought it and the other requests to school. Yesterday she brought home the Dirt Baby (!). Pretty cool huh? The toe of the sock was stuffed with grass seed, then soil, knotted and stuck in the bottle. When water was put in the bottle, the sock acted as a wick to draw the water to the head, thus sprouting the grass seed. I laugh every time I look at this thing. It's got a scary, freaky, cute kind of look to it. It's on my desk staring at me now. My only question is... who thinks up these things?

On another note, I heard the sad story of the piano man on the news today. It seems this lost man was found in England (washed up on shore?), wearing a tuxedo with the tags cut out of it. Attempts to communicate with him were futile. He drew (very well too) a picture of a grand piano and one was provided to him. He begins to play the same songs over and over. No one claims the man, he doesn't speak. How sad it is to me to think that no one in the world has missed this man. Where did he come from? Who is he? When will someone come forward that at least knows who he is and can solve this mystery? Speculations are that he fell off a cruise ship. If this is true, why hasn't he been claimed? Another thought is he is faking. He has an album coming out and this is his way of publicity. I'm not sure what I believe but I am very intrigued by this.


Melody said...

Wow...I never knew that this was how all the "dirt bags" in my life started out! How cute.

Sleeping Mommy said...

First of all I'm with you on who thinks up these projects? People with alot more creativity than me that is for sure.

Second, I hadn't heard about the piano man. Now I'm curious and I so want to see what else I can find on it, but alas, I have neglected my blog-friends too long and must not be distracted from making my rounds. :)

Tammy said...

That doll is too cute and one to try!!! I am writing that down to do as a illustration sometime. Hannah's of course, is the best dirt doll ever!

I did hear of this man and share your sentiments... how could anyone not know he was missing??? I know when I was single and living alone, I often wondered how long it would take for someone to miss me. Not that I didn't have friends and family around but I didn't see them every day. But I often wondered...kind of a lonely feeling. It is just so bizarre.