Monday, April 04, 2005

The Beauty Of It All

I don't want to alienate my steady readers by not posting more. I know when I check a blog, I am bummed if there is no new post. Even if it's just a short "Hey, I'm here and doing ok. Here's what I did today" kind of post, I still like to read them. I've thought about a few things I'd like to post about and am in the process of sorting them out in my head. What? Do you think literary genius like I put out just happens? Hell no, it takes me a while to think of it. lol

In the meantime, I do want to say that when I see a picture of something beautiful in nature, I try to take a few moments to really study it and enjoy it. I feel in awe that I would be so lucky to be the one to see it.

I've always thought that if I am lucky enough to be able to travel out West to see those mountains, I would probably cry with the sheer beauty of it. I don't know how people who live in places like that get anything done. I'd be staring at the all the beautiful scenery ALL THE TIME. I guess what is considered ordinary to one person is extraordinary to another.

The first picture was taken out my back door after 2 days of torrential rain. It truly led semblance to the "Red at Night, Sailor's Delight" because the next day was spectacular. The next picture was taken as a storm front rolled onto Goose Rocks Beach in 2003 . It looked like a sheet was being drawn over the sky. We spend a lot of time at Goose Rocks and this was the only time I saw something like this.

The next picture is a sunrise at Goose Rocks. Now, beautiful sunrises aren't that uncommon in Maine because we are the first to see that glorious ball of fire everyday of every year. However, some days are prettier than others.

The last picture was posted on the internet. I thought it was extraordinary and warranted sharing with you all in case you hadn't seen it. It's hard to deny the existence of God, when you see a masterpiece like this painted before you.

Thank you for enjoying this beauty with me today.


Cindy said...

I love pictures of sunsets. I wish I carried my camera with me everywhere to take beautiful scenic pictures.

I love photographs of a single tree. I just love nature photographs. Whenever we are on vacation I try to get several nature shots.

Thanks for sharing! Those are awesome pictures.

schweze said...

Cindy beat me to it, but I also wanted to say that you have some wonderful photos. Helps keep the attitude good at work on a Monday to remember that such beautiful things exist.

Sara said...

Oh wow is all I have to say Sheri! Those pictures are awe inspiring. Have you thought about selling them at all? They are beautiful.

I want to come live with you...


Carolyn said...

You know that I, too, love beautiful and different things in nature! We are so blessed to be able to see them. The first time I ever went to Florida and was taken aback at all the different green things growing that I saw but when I asked my friend what this or that was, she didn't know and admitted that she really hadn't noticed that before. How could you not?!?!!!!

Heather said...

Wow, those are some great pictures! Beautiful!!

Tatiana said...

Amazing pictures! So professional and just breathtaking views as well.

When you observe a nature you know somehow your belonging to that moment and you live in it...

Sue said...

Hi Sheri, Your pictures have inspired me today to put one on my blog. Have a nice day!

Sleeping Mommy said...

beautiful. I often wish I had a camera with me to take pictures here--the cloud formations as a storm rolls through. The sun sets or rises. It can be gorgeous. I wish I had captured some.

Cheryl said...

Hi Sheri,

I can't believe this! I've been to Goose Rocks Beach. By complete accident.

My husband and I were staying with my parents in 1999 at their yearly 4th of July trip to Hampton Beach, NH. We took their car and went exploring up into main and found that beach.

It was so peaceful and deserted even during the busy holiday week. We loved it.

Thanks for mentioning it and bringing back that memory!

I love Maine.