Sunday, January 09, 2005

Saturday Night

Had a great time up at Carl's last night. Carl & I annihilated Jamie & Gary at Spades. It was a grudge/payback match and I'm proud to be the victor on that one. Had a few (too many) drinks in my lucky Patriot's glass.

Today we shoveled and shoveled some more. We removed snow from the roof with our trusty roof rake and ran the snowblower down the pathways. This is all in preparation for 50 degree weather coming this week. least we got some exercise doing all that shoveling. Hannah had fun sliding down the bankings that Carl plowed up and Chloe is exhausted from bounding through the snow.

Lots of deer moving this morning too. Many, many tracks to see.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sheri!

I found you via Cindy's blog, and wanted to say Hi and welcome to our group of President's Challenge-ers! :) I'm proud of you for accepting the challenge -- don't forget to track your activity points, I would count the shoveling as an activity :) If the list doesnt' inlcude "shoveling", put it under "Household Chores".

Many wishes to you for a successful and wonderful week!

God bless,