Monday, January 31, 2005

My therapist said it would be ok

Do you ever wonder what happened to someone you used to be close to? Do you have a picture of them in your mind? What would you do if you could talk to this person again and find out they were creepy and not at all what you'd remembered? This recently happened to me and it made me sad. Not that they were creepy, I couldn't care less. But what made me sad was all the years I wasted thinking that they were different. It's kind of a big letdown, really. A nice sweet, innocent young man turned into a cynical, shallow, egotistical and materialistic asshat is not a pretty picture. What the heck would happen to someone for them to change like that? I talked with my therapist alot about this because I felt like a piece of my life was missing. I needed to know that this person had moved I could. She told me that in order to close the door on that part of my life, I needed to confront it. So I did and a rude awakening I got.

I've done alot of thinking about this. Gary is the same now as the day we got married...we are just more comfortable with each other. He's still got the same values and prejudices. I knew this when I married him. I knew that he might have a hard time fitting into my family because he's outspoken and very to the beating around the bush. We are a family of those who tend to worry what the neighbors will think and he doesn't care what anyone thinks about anything he might do or say. He told me the other day that when he's away and people ask where he's from...he says Maine. I guess he's earned that...he's lived here long enough but unfortuately, the old timers will never call him a native.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder about people from my past often, I've lost touch with most everyone, once in a while I run into someone from my past and am shocked in how much they have changed....of course I guess none of us stay the same forever, things happen in our lives to make our perspective on things different, sometimes for the worse and sometimes for the better, our mortality comes into play...I remember thinking that 40 was of course I think it's still "Young". Lloyd has changed since we met, mostly due to maturity and being responsible for a family and a business, but the things that I loved about him all those years ago are still there and always will be. Of course that also goes for some of the things that I don't like about have to take the good with the bad I guess. I hope that confronting this person did let you put it behind you and move on. Mel