Saturday, January 15, 2005

The Day After

Last night Gary and I had the most fun ever! Now I know you all are thinking that we had a nice, romantic anniversary dinner, while gazing into each others eyes with lust across a candlelit table, while Marvin Gaye softly sang 'Let's Get It On" in the background.....However....ever so gently, Gary reached over me with a sly grin and threw a 11lb spiral ham into the buggy at WAL-MART. Yes, folks - we strolled around Super-Walmart on our anniversary, fighting about what raw meat to buy. We always argue in any meat department of any store we go to. He wants giant slabs of meat, huge family packs of gore or whole sides of animals and I'm content with a meal's worth at a time. I truly don't see the need to always have enough meat on hand to feed a small army, a large army and then some. However, I always lose on this battle....always. The real fun part was after we walked all the way to the back 40 of the parking lot (where numb people such as ourselves have to park at Walmart on a Friday night because everyone in the free world is in the store), he discovers that the cashier didn't put his precious ham in the buggy. Oh good Lord, the veins that popped on his forhead. He's screaming at me to "GO GET MY HAM" (it was dark so I wonder what other people thought was going on) and I had the numb idea to check the bags again incase he missed it. Of those of you who personally know Gary.... you will have to agree that this was not the best of ideas. Doubling guessing him? How could I be so niave to not remember that he can smell raw meat a mile away. The ham wasn't there. I trudged ALL THE WAY back across the parking lot, all the while listening to him swear and curse about stupid cashiers. When I came out of the store, my knight in shining armor was waiting for me to take me away to a lovely evening of unpacking groceries and filling the freezer after a quick trip through the Wendy's drive-through.

Seriously, it was a fun evening because when we got home, Carl came over to play Pitch. Love that game!


Sandi said...

That would be his mother's fault. She honestly believes that if there is not enough food in the house to last a month, at all times, then the whole family will STARVE to death!!!! I have no idea where it comes from but I am trying to get her over it. HA HA HA like that will ever happen.
Love the fact that you got to play with Carl on your anniversary. LOL

Anonymous said...

Gary really knows how to treat his are very lucky. For my 21st anniversary, Lloyd and I were not even in the same town! Mel

Carolyn said...

Sheri, You are just TOO FUNNY! I'm glad you enjoyed your anniversary. Mom

Ariel said...

GO GET MY HAM...hahahaha