Saturday, December 18, 2004

1st Grade

Here's Hannah's 1st grade picture. It was a retake. The first ones didn't come out well at all...but I think this one is nice. I wish I had gotten them before sending out the Christmas cards. oh well.

Sue & Martha arrived today for the Christmas lunch tomorrow. Ariel & Eric will becoming inthe morning. Mom and I did most of the stuff to get ready today. Gary and I are going to a cocktail party at the Van der Kaay's this evening. Well....I guess you could say we will make an appearance. I'm a little nervous about going.

Susan and Melody both told me I'm a slacker on updating my blog so I'll try to do it more often. Sometimes there just isn't any news.....however if you want me to just talk (like I do at therapy), there'd be lots to say! Oh and you guys reading this....please feel free to use the comment section!

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