Wednesday, October 06, 2004

brrrrrrrr - Fall is here

Hannah and I watched many, many leaves float to the ground while waiting for the bus. Plus it was very frosty this morning....Gary had to turn the heat on in his truck and run the defroster. In secret...I turned on the heat in the house too....just to take the chill off.

Mom made it to AZ fine. I talked with her the night they arrived. Other than sounding a little tired (from traveling) she seemed to be be fine. There was an issue with a smoke detector beeping in her bedroom so she was going to sleep on the couch that night. I hope they got it resolved.

Last night Gary saw the raccoon that's been getting the birdfeeder nightly. He couldn't believe how big it was. Well of course it's big! It's eaten over 150lbs of birdseed in the past 3 months. Anyway...I think it's days are numbered if you know what I mean.

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