Sunday, July 18, 2004

A sunny Sunday!

weather: warm, 70's and sunny! Finally - a beautiful day and it was predicted by the weathermen! Had a nice relaxing day - Gary is fishing with Josh on the Andro River. They just called and are on their way home after dumping their fish....not a good day of fishing for them. Mom got some lobsters and cooked them and picked them out. She's making lobster salad for supper. Hannah said she'd try it but I'd better make some back-up mac n' cheese!

Spoke to Cindy today - they are doing well and enjoying the pool everyday. Gosh the mosquitos are soooooo bad this year! Actually ferocious is more like it. After all this rain they are hungry! We are supposed to get a big storm tomorrow....wind and rain....a typical nor'easter. Enjoy this picture of a petunia. My Million Bell proven winners are doing fabulous!

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