Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Summer is in full swing.....

Hannah is enjoying rec SO much! I can't believe how she's taken to getting up in the morning, getting dressed and excited to go! She went to Funtown last week and had a wonderful time. She's loving all the games, crafts and her tutoring. Quite a few of her classmates are attending as well so she gets to see them everyday. Tomorrow she goes to the beach and on Thursday to Ferry Beach. Busy, busy, busy! Gary is in the thick of fishing. He's done pretty well this summer. He's won a couple and placed 4th in one as well. It's hard for him because he doesn't have a steady fishing partner. Kind of switches between Bill Guay and Josh. All the flowers we have been planting have been coming up nicely. I'll be posting new pictures on the photosite in the next week or so. We took Hannah and Austin to the Animal Farm yesterday and they had a wonderful time. Will be posting pictures of that as well.

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