Saturday, June 19, 2004

Father's Day Weekend

Weather: cloudy, rainy on Saturday - high 60's

Gary's gone fishing today on the Kennebec River and tomorrow he goes to Androscoggin Lake. Annual tradition for him to always fish a tourney on Father's Day.'s his day to do as he pleases!

We had a nice day yesterday. It was Hannah's first day of actual summer with no school. We took her to lunch and out to supper also. She got a CareBear at Wal-mart that she has been wanting. Now - let the summer begin! We start our vacation at Goose Rocks with the Quirions on Monday, Hannah starts her tutoring on Monday and Wednesdays and Summer Rec starts the 28th. I'm glad she is doing summer rec as it will give her time with other children and fun things to do!

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